Why Traditional Advertising Is Crucial For Your Business?

Why Traditional Advertising Is Crucial For Your Business?

26/01/2017 0 By Administrator

Advertising is the art of creating awareness of a business in the mind’s eye of a customer. Traditional advertising is what most people think of when talking about advertising or marketing.

Traditional advertising refers to mass media that delivers commercial messages to mass audiences. Mass media is “paid media.” It includes radio, outdoor billboards and print media like newspapers and magazines.

Typical collateral materials like business cards, brochures, stationery needed for your business would also fall under traditional advertising. These are the products that people normally expect from an established business, and are useful for building your business’ brand, identity, and image.  Even in the era of Internet and Social Media Advertising, traditional methods of advertising are well established and highly effective because of following reasons:-

1. Old is Gold

Print medium has been used since traditional times as a tried and tested method of advertisement. Apart from a newspaper advertisement, you can print a lot of stuff like leaflets of various sizes, brochures, and business cards and distribute them to advertise about your business venture. You can even deliver them to houses in your surrounding area or distribute it in an area where your target audience frequently visits. In this way, it helps you to reach out to potential customers in your surrounding areas without much accrual of advertising costs. If your content is catchy, it will surely attract the people. You can include coupons to increase the interests of readers and QR codes so that if anyone wants to know more about your website. This way, the print medium can influence your social media or online advertising. Do not underestimate the power of print media, it has a great potential to boost your sales. Although this method of advertising may appear old but remember old is gold.

2. Wider accessibility and reach

Radio, which was a darling of advertising industry years back, is still at par and an effective medium to advertise about your business. The companies still believe radio can be the best advertising tool, largely because radios are installed in almost every automobile, rural homes, and public establishments.

With a wide and a national level reach, the airwaves provide much robust and budgeted solution to advertise. Also, remember the fact that you can access the radio with your smartphone, companies know that there are millions of mobile users and so advertising on the radio cannot be ignored. Also, radio listeners are devoted fans of it, hence when you put an ad on it, they will listen to it and you will gain an attentive audience. They also listen to the same channel and seldom change channels on the radio.

3. Brand builders

Brands that appear in print give the sense of ubiquity, luxury and success. For many years, traditional media had dominated the advertising marketplace. Car dealership radio ads, Coca-Cola commercials, sales announced in newspapers, direct mail fliers and cold calling – if you wanted to reach your customer base, you had to go through one of these channels. Even radio ads have the ability to influence brand perception and drive word of mouth sales, it gives the company an edge and support which they require to make their brand a household name. And don’t forget that promotional products are still a great form of brand promotion which can be relatively inexpensive.

4. Independent medium

In traditional advertising, every type of medium used is an independent one. Businesses are better able to reach targeted audiences by purchasing ad slots at different intervals with a purpose that their intended demographic is likely to be watching. Toy manufacturers may want to advertise in a school magazine while a smartphone manufacturing company would prefer to showcase their product on a front page of a prominent newspaper and throughout the day they will brief about it on various radio channels. In newspapers, advertisements reach a general audience including the targeted ones. Radio advertisers might need to advertise on many stations to reach target audiences.

5. Class with reliability

Newer forms of advertising like social media advertising takes time, search engine optimization itself can take weeks before any results are noticeable, writing blogs to spread the word takes time whereas newspapers and posters can reach masses of people in a few hours, there are ample of listeners on a radio channel who may become your customer.

Advertising on the internet keeps on rotating, searches fluctuate, but if they have a poster or a menu card of it, they can use it to contact the café during their needs. Even adopting marketing strategies like organising exhibitions, tradeshows, fairs or conferences and interacting on a personal level telling them about your vision and mission, the quality of your product or service, caring about the interests of the customers can also be valuable rather than advertising on random pages or websites and hoping that people will type right keywords and happen to click on your site’s link.

Final Word

It is vital for any campaign that it should never rule out the importance of traditional medium of advertising. Companies still have faith when they put an ad in a newspaper or a radio and with so many people regularly reading a newspaper, and listening to the radio, the future still looks bright for traditional media as an effective medium of advertisement.