Viralwoot: A Super-suite for Pinterest Marketing

In today’s world, where everyone seems to use social media as a platform to engage with maximum customers and to increase their sales revenue, Pinterest has come up as one of the most influential stages of marketing. Seeing the emergence of Pinterest Marketing, many social media tools have come up in the market.

Amongst many players, Viralwoot has proved to be one of the most business-centric Pinterest marketing tools, which has been able to manage and market your Pinterest account with utmost effectiveness.

Brands which are facing different issues while promoting their products/services on Pinterest will find Viralwoot as an ideal tool for customer engagement accordingly. Suppose, you are using a Pinterest account for promotion purpose and you want to track down your activities with respect to the marketing goals. How can you simply analyze what loopholes are there bottlenecking your path to profit maximization? How will you collaborate with your team if you are targeting an audience of multiple time zones? How many pins should you keep posting and at what frequency? What more efforts can lead to full utilization of the potential of Pinterest? Why your efforts for marketing on Pinterest are not generating the desired results?

All these and many more questions generally rise in marketer’s mind in case they are not actually getting enough response from Pinterest. The key is to use a one-stop-solution suite or a super-suite, which can simultaneously solve all your issues of marketing and manage the Pinterest account in accordance with the organizational goals.

What is Viralwoot ?

Viralwoot is simply a marketing tool which aids businesses in managing their Pinterest account and market their brands with high effectiveness. It ensures to super engagement with a target audience and provides you a huge platform to present & flaunt your brand accordingly.

Different brands have varied requirements and thus, every business has a different pool of target audience. For the different pool of audience, the strategy used should also vary, but the tool by which all this marketing activity and management control will be handled remains same.

You do not want a tool where you invest both time & money and keep on waiting for the generation of return. This is an I/O generator tool, which ensures to keep the marketers & customers in transparency and proximity with each other. The key here is correct optimization of all the marketing features. This is ideally possible by using Viralwoot. Owing to its user-friendly interface, fascinating design implementations, and user-centric optimization features, Viralwoot has been able to place a strong foothold in Social Media marketing industry.

Viralwoot Attributes :

Now I will give you a tour of what features Viralwoot possesses and how can you utilize them to maximize your sales revenue. Starting with the initial stage like from making an account for Viralwoot till using special Influencer Manager feature, I will try to present each and every chance to give you space to choose your tool wisely.

Account Creation :

You can have two types of account basically on Viralwoot. One is a personal account and the other is business account. A personal account is made by any individual to pin their stuff and to connect with people, brands and entities of their own interest. The business account is something you made totally with the mindset of generating revenue.

At the time of signups, the page will look like this:


At the very first stage only, Viralwoot distinguishes its users on the basis of their purpose on Pinterest and profession. You can select the respective options from the drop-down box. After filling the required fields, you can simply click on sign up and there you go! You have started using Viralwoot now!!

At the time of Login :

As soon as you enter in Viralwoot, you may see a Viralwoot Dashboard exhibiting number of alternatives on the left side. You can see on dashboard an option asking for your Pinterest account to link.


You can add multiple accounts of Pinterest on the same Viralwoot account. As soon as you link to a specific account, you will be directed to another page.


On the left side, the first option you see an ‘Earn Credit’ tab. Clicking on it will open up a drop-down box, which gives you a number of ways to earn the promotional credits. These credits can be used to promote your product.


Different ways to earn credits are:

  • By discovering Boards: Credits are earned by following boards
  • By discovering Pinners: Credits are earned by following pinners
  • By discovering Pins: Credits are earned by liking or repining pins
  • By automating the credit earning: Earn credit by setting up the board category and no. of boards per day. Viralwoot automatically follow the boards and will earn credits for you at a frequency you decide for daily. Same is done for both pins and pinners too.



Pin Scheduler :

Tracking your customers is very important, especially if they are in different time zone. There are many businesses in the market who are designing products & services for the audience residing in different time zones. For this kind of situations, businesses often designate different people at different timing to not miss their customers. Also, Pinterest profile performance is directly a measure of how frequently you are pinning, so many brands get confuse about this concept. They keep on pinning about their product wasting their money and time. Individual artists and bloggers have to sit whole day just to make sure that their customers are not missed when they are posting their stuff.

Solution to this entire problem-set is Pin Scheduler.

  • Enables user to upload pictures from variegated origins such as a computer, web, RSS Feed and similar.
  • Aids you in identifying quality pins (including your own), so that you can repin it
  • Using Viralwoot Smart engine, it enables you to find the best time to target your audience. You can schedule the timings as per the target audience availability only.

Pinterest Promotion :

In order to make sure that customer engagement is done on the highest level, Viralwoot gives you ‘Pinterest Promotion’. Some of you might be promoting your products/services but not getting suitable or desired response; this problem is ideally solved by Pinterest Promotion.

  • It aids in drawing the attention of a large cluster of customers towards your product/services.
  • ‘Promote pin’ tab enables you to raise the repins and likes on pins.
  • ‘Promote profile’ and ‘Promote Boards’ allows you to gain the followers for your Pinterest profile.


There are several ways to promote Pinterest profile, boards, and pins. For promoting a pin, just render the link of the pin you want to promote. Exactly same steps are taken for promoting profile and boards. When you click on ‘Promotion Settings’, a new page will get open. As soon as you fill the required information on that page and save the setting, your promotional credits will be automatically be earned.


The Pinterest promotion allows you to advertise your profile, boards and pins along with checking the performance of promoted pins. Also, you can anytime buy credits so as to continue a hassle-free promotion.


Pinterest Analytics :

Many marketers complain about the performance of their profile. Generally, at the initial stage, the performance of any profile is quite good. But, as the days goes by, the performance generally goes down. Reason?

Well, no one cares to keep a track on the performance of Pinterest profile, once it started working efficiently. So, without any monitor, these profiles performance depends on how many people are handling the management. So, Viralwoot introduces the feature of ‘Pinterest Analytics’, which gives you a stringent way to track your profile on all industry set parameters.


  • ‘Influence Score’ renders stats on your influence on Pinterest profile.
  • ‘Basic Stats’ finds out how relevant data that helps in handling the effectiveness of what you are doing.
  • ‘Boards Data’ simply handle data such as pins, repins and likes.
  • ‘Spam & SEO Check’ provides adequate on how to improvise the SEO strategy.
  • ‘Best Pinning Time’ renders the best time & day to interact with the customers.
  • ‘Website Insight’ provides you an overview of trending images coming from your websites.
  • Also, it enables you to check what people are pinning.

Content Manager :

Viralwoot ensures to secure a proper SEO strategy for our marketing managers, in order to make them attain their objectives within the time frame. Making relevant keywords available in boards description, writing relevant hashtags and choosing more connecting messages are some of the important attributes of ‘Content Manager’ feature.


Now, creating your Pinterest board from Viralwoot is extremely easy. Just fill in the correct and relevant keywords in the description, in order to increase the search volume accordingly. After making the customized boards, you can also monitor these boards so as to keep a close look on the promotional strategy of your brand.

The ‘Drip Pinning’ attribute of Content manager helps you to reincarnate the old & famous pins for gaining the followers likes and repins.


For the purpose of pulling more customers, you can also use the popular pins by drip pinning them.

By selecting the number of drips your require for the pin, choosing the specific keywords that connect with your old ones and by using relevant hashtags, you can drip pin the pins on your account.


Influencer Manager :

You have started promoting your brand on Pinterest, you have a target audience, and you have a strategy, still nothing works in the way you imagined. Well, these things happen because you have not done one major thing; communicating with your customers. Proper engagement with the customers so that users should know about your product in a much effective manner is what Pinterest Influencer Manager is offering you.


You just have to fill the blank fields as per your preference and see the magic. When checking the description, name, board requirement and uploading an image will be done, kindly upload the image. This starts your campaign for a specific period of time. In case you require other customized alternatives, refer to ‘Campaign Details’ tab. Managers can constantly track the campaign performance using the Influencer Manager feature.

Many people have confusion about how to market. I have just given you a good reason to choose Viralwoot as your super-suit of marketing and promoting your brand on Pinterest. Have an awesome day and keep promoting!!!

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