Types of Entrepreneurs: Which One You Resemble With

Every entrepreneur is different from each other and you can check several different types of an entrepreneur in order to know your category.

An entrepreneur is defined as an initiator or a challenger that creates something new. In other words, he is said to be the beginning of a venture, activity or project. He is definitely the one that decides to make that idea a reality. There are some more definitions of an entrepreneur, which says that he is the person in charge in order to look to for leadership. He is also defined as the one who pushes forward and inspires a team to follow. Hence, it can be said that when it comes to personalities of business owners, there are millions of variables. However, in common there are four core traits that always stand out.


These traits can help you to understand that in which category you fall or what kind of approach  follow to run your business. With proper understanding, you can definitely gain a deeper insight on the way you work within different areas of your life.

Types of Entrepreneurs:

The Water Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs who fall under this category are strongly driven by their emotions and needs so that they can feel good about all decisions made. It is believed that intuition is of utmost importance for such businessperson. They are very careful as well as methodical and often like to wait in order to find the right time for executing things. They are considered very creative and don’t feel shy while expressing their creative visions. These entrepreneurs love to surround themselves with a highly practical and grounded team.

The Fire Entrepreneur

This type of business owner prefers to run with an idea faster. In other words, before the idea is even fully formed they will be out there making it turn the idea into a reality. They are said to be very passionate about what they do and can focus on the projects that excite in some way. Such entrepreneurs are natural leaders and have the tendency to start multiple projects. There is nothing wrong in saying that they are required to stay with a supportive team that can help in bringing their vision to life.

The Earth Entrepreneur

They are born with plenty of stamina and are called by the name perfectionist as they like everything to be perfect. This seems to be a negative thing in some aspects such as it can sometimes delay things. In addition, they are usually smart and are highly educated. It is said that if there is sufficient evidence that is in favor of taking shortcuts then only they prefer taking those routes. They usually see the bigger picture and know how to plan for the future. They are said to be very adverse to taking risks and can be slow to rise to success. This proves to be a hindrance in their success, but anyhow they make it to the top.

The Air Entrepreneur

Business owners who love making connections, as well as networking, falls under this category. This is because they know that through connecting with others they are at a higher chance of turning their dreams into realities. They are also known as amazing communicators and excellent salespeople. They have the capability to close a deal in no time with their knowledge, wit and last but not the least, charm. Moreover, they are highly proficient and shows facts or speaks things that make sense. They work best as a team and don’t face any problem while collaborating with others. Apart from being charming, they can be very manipulative. They tend to know the right things so as to get their own way and this can bring a trouble for them. Hence, it is important for them to be very careful about what they say and the promises they make.

All the above-mentioned types of entrepreneurs display their nature and how they go after their dreams. So read all the traits and decide how you decide to run your business or what similar qualities or appearances you have in common.

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