6 Tools to Find Job Easily in the UK

Tools to Find Job Easily in the UK

Job hunting is the most time consuming and toughest one which needs to meet your requirements. So, though the domain has evolved, the brick and mortar, placement or recruitment agencies are still the safe bets in this highly digitized world? We will see, in this mind boggling discussion, as the job market is very competitive for fresher and is more difficult than ever in this falling global market.

1. Job Sites:

One of the most practical things is about the vastness of the job hunt spectrum as searching needs help or you get lost and time is not enough. Some of the practical approach is to register into a job site which is a good brand, caters to all industry verticals. Registering at a job site will make life easier and automated programming searches the key jobs that you are looking for. It is a good idea, as going digital and setting up your account is to establish your presence, that increases your prospect as employers are constantly browsing and filtering thousands of resumes. Some of the well known sites like Monster, Reed, Total jobs, Indeed, jobsite, tes, jobs.nhs.uk, simply hired, techno jobs. Simply click to get started.

2. Get LinkedIn

The next step is to get socially present with web2.0 platform by logging into like minded circles and groups which opens up bigger opportunities that could not have been exploited before. So creating a profile in there, increases your presence, multi fold in those circles where your interests are, domains where you wish to work for. The message board helps you to express and connect with prospective employers as well. This is a must after you create a LinkedIn to join the communities that are similar in which you have a specialized degree and similar work or internship experiences.

3. Use Student Networking Platform Like Stunited.org

Out of all the above solutions, given above, only one firm connects and integrates everything at one go. So if you are a student in high school and pursuing UG (under graduate) course, then stunited.org is worth visiting. The first mover advantage works here, as once you make your profile, your interest group is formed automatically, while the job prospects in your area are automated. Apart from this feature, it facilitates up-Skilling, apprenticeships with proper career guidance for each in events. It has currently 3634 job consultancies listed, that makes it so attractive as everything is under one roof. Currently, if you are interested, you can be a part of the revolution of #YEESE2016.

4. Search Firms

The placement firms which existed in brick and mortar model for decades are also quite effective in your search for that right job. Typically, they are more penetrating and has more of human interaction in the job perspective rather makes it worthwhile to contact them. They are reliable and push your CV to make it happen, which the job sites are not able to accomplish in public and private sector. These firms are well equipped and will negotiate a good salary which can be the best in the industry average across cities. Recruiting expertise, hence helps to place candidates, easily as most of it is glossed over with one to one rapport. Some of the firms you need to seriously look into are: agency central, morganhunt, Addecco, Kellyservices, Hays, Prospects, Blue Fire.

5. Resume Makeover:

Incidentally, when you think about it, the first thing to get it right is your resume or CV, while the application letter or cover letter is equally important. This is the first impression that is created when you upload your CV or present it to potential employees in an interview. So creating an impressive one is mandatory. Though the format differs as per verticals, profession, experience, it is best to hire a resume writer who can be of immense help to help you when the rush to submit is imminent. CVcentre, CVconsultancy, CVstore, CVlizard, ProfessionalCVwriter,

6. Apps

Job finding is a lot easier when we are using smart phones. There is a host of apps in iPhone, Android OS which are a must if you are computer savvy. CareerBuilder, monster.com, simplyhired, snagAjob, craiglist, jobaware, jobcompass are a few you can try initially. The networking apps are LinkedIn apps, BeKnown while to build resume you need to use pocketresume which is a paid one. Interview apps are quite common which give you tips, interviewprepquestions, interviewpro, and Interviewbuzz.

Final notes

On the whole the total job search activity remains the same, however, technology has invaded at every stage replacing the brick and mortar recruitment agency model. Though there are pros and cons, use all the tips to strengthen your position to become a strong contender. My take is on a few of them Stunited.org and LinkedIn.com amongst those who will make a difference in your life.


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