Why it’s the Right Time for Brands to Stay Ahead of the Game with AI Powered Chabot’s

Why it’s the Right Time for Brands to Stay Ahead of the Game with AI Powered Chabot’s

18/05/2017 0 By Administrator

An intelligent combination of human and AI chatbots is the future of the digital business world.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots, the digital experience is evolving. Now brands are using chatbots to responding customers’ queries, helping customers find their desired products and serving as a customer representative to solve customers’ issues. Businesses that want to stay ahead of the game should implement this Chabot technology into their business strategy in order to meet the standards of their coveted demographics.

Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, and Millennials:

Chatbots may sound like something very technical, but not for millennials. They grew up with technology, the internet and quick access to everything. This is the reason, millennials demand services or products that are personalized enough and context-sensitive. Most of all, they need real-time customer service, which is something humans can’t do.

Here come chatbots. Let’s take an example of Slack here: The famous business messaging platform uses an algorithm to automate tasks, which were traditionally done by humans. Slackbot can provide real-time project updates, create analytics report, and can place lunch orders for you.

What exactly does millennial generation expect from AI-powered chatbots and how businesses can fully reap the benefits of chatbot technology. Have a look!

Exceptional, Real-time Customer Service:

Nowadays, tech-savvy consumers have started making regular visits to Amazon to buy their favorite products as its easy, safe and don’t need to go to a store or interact with any sales representative.


In fact, it is the easiest and best way to easily buy what you are looking for.

But there are many businesses that still provide customer service via email, phone, and social media platforms. But the problem with this system is that a number of requests remain unanswered or misinterpreted.

But when it comes to chatbots, they can answer customers’ queries repeatedly and accurately 24/7, without becoming exhausted or irritated. Even millennials love text-messaging and absolutely hate waiting for hours for a customer service representative on the phone to answer their query. Minor issues in the e-commerce businesses can easily be resolved by AI chatbots.

If truth be told, chatbots are revolutionizing customer service, and brands are considering using chatbots to collect information, understand users’ behavior and context empower customer service and create a great user experience.

Making Purchasing Process Easier:

Millennials spend most of their time online, socializing, searching for new things, booking a ride, navigating their favorite brands’ website and using their favorite mobile apps. For businesses that are selling products like clothes, personal care, food, entertainment, etc. that can make impulsive purchases, implementing a chatbot technology is a wise choice.

Social media platforms are the best places to engage with your customers and create brand awareness. And this is the reason; conversational commerce is the new trend of placing orders through online conversations – the future of digital shopping. Brands and retailers are now able to connect with their customers in a more personal way through messenger apps and chatbots.

AI powered chatbots have the potential to read messages, analyze purchasing behavior of customers, their browsing history, preferences and then offer customer curated product results accordingly. It takes online shopping to a whole new level with its intelligent capabilities in the consumer-savvy digital space.

Let’s take an example of Taco Bell here, they released a TacoBot which allows users to place orders through social conversations (instant messaging service) used by companies for internal communications. TacoBot is fully equipped with a sharp and witty personality, answers questions, recommends items and satisfies customers better than a human can do.

Acts as a Personal Assistant:

Chatbots have also some amazing abilities to improve your workplace and work as your virtual assistant. Let’s imagine, how the productivity of your workplace could improve if everyone starts using chatbots to book a ride, deliver documents, onboard employees, resolve any technical errors, explore new leads and more. X.ai is an amazing chatbot that can be added to your email threads to coordinate, schedule and alert team members for a meeting.


Moreover, bots can be anywhere at any time, a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, laptop. Interacting with chatbots feels like talking to a friend.  And millennials who use Google to search data, are now preferring messaging apps to get their answers in a real-time, instant and intuitive way.

Chatbots can handle many of mundane tasks that we experience daily like making travel reservations, booking movie tickets, order food and more. As artificial intelligence and machine learning are improving, we can expect even more intricate automation.

To Sum Things Up:

For personal consumption activities and routine tasks, bot technology will undoubtedly save time and money both. In the business world, artificial intelligence has created new expectations with real-time customer service, guidance, and innovative business solutions.

It’s the right time for brands to start thinking about chatbots and how they will improve their business strategy. So what are you waiting for, start deploying bot APIs in messenger apps to improve user experience and boost the bottom line? The perfect balance of human-chatbot interaction will certainly improve your business processes, delight customers and increase your profit potential.

Author Bio:

Muhammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex, as a senior digital marketer and brand strategist.