How to Push Your Business’s Content with Email Marketing

In today’s marketing world, we often see conversations topics surrounding the thought of social media marketing.  Why? Because it works.

Social media has exploded within the small business marketing world, driving hundreds – if not thousands – of interested leads directly to a website. However, what is happening to this traffic once they get there?

These viewers check out a page or two, and then they leave – most of these viewers will not come back again.

So what is the solution to this problem? For many businesses the answer is email marketing.


What is Email Marketing?

Simply put, email marketing is the act of a business sending emails to potential and current customers in order to raise awareness of their brand’s name or products – perhaps even make a sale. It is a highly efficient digital marketing tactic. In fact, a recent study has shown email marketing to be 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to customer acquisition; and the best part is: sending weekly newsletter with your content can significantly help raise brand awareness and keep visitors coming back for more.

Email marketing begins with an email list. In other words, a list of potential and current customer’s emails who have opted into receiving your business’s emails. This list will be the foundation of your entire email marketing campaign. So how do we build it?


Incentivize Email List Opt-Ins

This is perhaps the most common email list-building tactic in today’s world. We see these all of the time. The idea behind them is to persuade a visitor into subscribing to your newsletter. Providing a free trial or discounted product can be the best incentives for a small business new to email marketing. Most of the time, this tactic will be employed by a pop up message or a sidebar link that a user sees when viewing the website.

Provide a Giveaway :

Everybody loves to get things for free. It is part of our human nature. Hosting a giveaway, where users must subscribe to your newsletter to enter, can be an incredibly effective option when building a new email list. Perhaps even better than earning a new subscriber, is the fact that these giveaway subscribers are often more willing to buy from your website. A study by Marketing Sherpa concluded that their giveaway subscribers had a 21.7% higher average order value than the site-wide average.

Offer Secret Access to Content :

This tactic is becoming increasingly widespread in the digital realm. We have all see this tactic being used. Generally a website will offer an impressive piece of an article with a request for you to join the email list in order to view the rest of the article.

This can be an incredibly fruitful tactic if played correctly. However, it is important to ensure the introductory piece of content you are providing has enough value to justify a user subscribing to your list.


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