Top 9 Productivity Extensions for Chrome

Top 9 Productivity Extensions for Chrome

25/08/2017 0 By Administrator

StatCounter reported 63.47% of browser market share for Chrome this July which is not surprising. Firefox, IE and safari are way behind in the list, with the gap not expected to shrink, at least in the next two years.

Other browsers can only hope to revive their fortunes in the coming months but it would certainly be a stiff task.

A unique selling proposition backed up by some strong strategic advertising is something that they need to invest their chances in.

The mobile browser market isn’t any different. Chrome is the leader with as much as 50.07% of market share. While companies continue to hire top brains to sell their product and increase app downloads, Chrome has over 1 billion mobile app downloads on Play store alone. Much like Google’s other apps.

Looking at these staggering numbers, it’s only worthwhile to develop Chrome extensions. Not all the features can be incorporated in the original software so plugins are almost a necessity these days.

Today we take a look at top productivity extensions for Chrome.