Planning to launch an app? Follow these tips and tricks

While planning to build an app, the entrepreneurs and others will get confused in, where to start? Generally, the app development falls under any one of the three categories. The app will either be a customer app. This app has the perspective to reach the people globally; a modernization effect, making changes in the new or existing app and the last category is the migration of a web application to the mobile version. The cost and budget also play a major role in the app development.

Important things to consider before, during and after the launch of an application are as follows.


Before launch :

Select a platform

In the optimal resources, there are multiple resources; a person may launch their app on both the Android and iOS platforms with full features at the same time. But it is not that easy in reality. In reality, the concerned organization or the entrepreneurs should decide the platform first, they must choose whether to launch on Android or iOS first. Both the platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages. iOS apps yield more profit than the Android apps. But Android is the boss in terms of detainment and adoption.

If the organization focuses on paid-for-apps or in-apps purchases, then iOS will be the better choice. Not only this aspect, there are many other things, which should be considered before selecting the platform.


Pros of Android

  • It has a more open platform.
  • It has the wider reach among the terms of devices.
  • There are no processes required for the approval.

Cons of Android

  • Difficult to manage a consistent experience due to the broader variety of form factors and the Operating System versions.
  • There are higher chances of errors to occur and there are some piracy issues.

Pros of iOS

  • It has a great wealthier reach.
  • It has admirable development tools and support.
  • High-level security.

Cons of iOS

It is not that a person should create an app on only one platform. They can create in both the platform, but the thing is that the development time will exceed. Not only the development time, but it will increase the costs and will lag the entry of the app in the App store.

Identify the beta users and start to do testing

The beta users are the eventual test specialists. These bets users will deliver the most honest feedback and they will deliver the critics also. Finding the best beta user group is the most important thing in testing. The developers can opt for a public beta launch so that they can have mixed responses from a wide range of people or do the private launch by inviting specific people.

Consider the vision of the app and consider the ideal users. Ideal users may be anyone, for this, the public beta will be the better choice.

Finding the beta users will really be a challenging task. The development team can use TestFlight to help them with this process. Apart from beta, the testers should consider load, network and scale should bear and act upon the app.

The testing team can do this manually. Initially, that may work better. Later, the tools like AppPurify can help the team to reduce the amount of time spent on this particular phase of the project.

Plan procurement campaigns

The next big task after developing the app is, finding users. Every app is intended to have a good user base, and it will be the primary aim of the developing organization.

Every app will have the organic acquisition. But only a few apps will have paid acquisition. Mobile ads work well to gain a larger user base. When the apps are served to hit the large audience, it means that the company is paying to establish the app to the ideal users.

While preparing the app for the organic acquisition, they have to make sure whether they have optimized the app for the App store listing. Similar to the search engine optimization, an App Store Optimization involves integrating the specific keywords into the App store listings; so that the app can have more rankings and it may have higher traffic, which in turn increases the download rate. App Store Optimization also requires selecting the perfect category for the app. It is found that about 65% of downloads come from general browsing in the App store.

The team has to display the perfect screenshots of the working of the app in order to impress the customers, increase ratings and reviews. This will be the factor for the user to decide whether to download the app or not.

The better downloads the app receives; higher will be the app’s reviews. Good reviews will create a better exposure for the app in the App store.


During launch :

Identify what is functioning and what remains idle

It is the responsibility of the team to identify, what features of the app are largely used by the users and what remains constant. The ultimate aim here is to find how well the users are interacting with the app and how well they use the features of the app.

Most of the users will use only the features, which they need. So it doesn’t mean that important features are the ideal one. The important features of the app will help the team to improve their strategy and even help them to move forward. It also helps them to improve their app further and take it to the next level possible.

During the launch, it is important to pay attention to the app’s performance. By monitoring, the app’s performance gives the first impression and it will help to troubleshoot the errors if any. Before launch, if the team expects something has to be modified, they can do it, because the product is not launched yet. Checking the functions app, again and again, is the most important thing to deliver the bug and error free app.

Analyze initial app store success

In terms of app’s long-term success, downloads are not the only important things to measure. But during launch, they play the major role. Tracking the app’s downloads is the initial indicator to measure the success of the app.

If the organization decided to build multiple apps for different platforms, they have to check how exactly they will plan intuitions across different App stores. App Annie plays the major role in the market research and it as the great source too. Their analytics will measure the app’s downloads by the source of the download, overall revenue of the app and it will track the App store rankings of the app.

With the proper Public Relations and Promotion Plan, the company can drive the user’s attention and the app’s downloads and with the fair App store rankings and reviews, the app can receive great credits.

Find out the retention rates

The team has to start identifying the source and find out the first-week retention rates of the app. They have to start finding which channels have delivered the most downloads and more valuable users. This will help the company to find out the right sources and they can stop paying for the idle ones.

After launch, the team should optimize the app to provide more value to it. The success of the app is determined by many factors. Download rates, reviews, traffic and many other factors determine the app’s success. Almost all the developers try to achieve all the above factors, by doing so they will get the best job satisfaction.

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