Five Reasons for Using Free PDF Conversion Online

In 2016, it seems like the future has never been so close. This is mainly so because our involvement with technology has become so ever-present, that we depend on it for so many things in our daily lives, as compared to a decade ago, for instance. This, of course, is a great thing for the most part – it makes our lives easier and allows us to achieve more in less time, especially when it comes to communication and acquiring knowledge.

The obvious problem with this oversaturation of technology lies within the fact that there are so many different applications, tools, and programs of all kinds, that it’s easy to be distrustful and suspicious about new things, thus making us miss out on many useful and time-saving tools.

PDF Conversion
One of the tech things that trouble many business professionals are PDF files. The PDF (Portable Document Format), is the most widely used file format for sharing documents amongst colleagues, because of its ability to be viewed on all operating platforms (Macintosh, Windows, Linux) without any formatting glitches and errors. Almost any electronic document no matter what its original extension is (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet and many many others) has the option to be saved in PDF form, this way making it much easier for sharing.

The main issue with the PDF format is that it is a read-only type of file, and that makes editing such a file impossible without the use of specialized programs designed specifically for that purpose. Many of these software programs are pretty pricy, which isn’t really desirable for users who don’t need to frequently convert PDF files back to their native format and edit them.

This is where PDF Converter’s Free PDF Conversion Online comes to the rescue. It is an amazing online tool that will meet all your basic conversion needs. It can convert PDFs back to Word (DOC), Excel spreadsheets (XLS), PowerPoint (PPT), and besides that, it also has a “Create PDF” option. So if you find yourself needing a trustworthy tool, here are 5 good reasons for using the Free PDF Conversion Online:

It’s hassle free :

There is no need to download anything, and users can use it in full without any complicated sign ups. The only information users need to give out is their email address, because that is where they’ll receive the download link for the converted file.

Privacy is absolutely guaranteed :

All user information is saved on the servers for only 24 hours, and after that deleted forever.

No file size limit :

There are no limits to the size of the file, no matter how big, which comes in handy if it’s a textbook or a novel, or actually anything long.

Able to convert scanned PDFs as well :

It can convert scanned PDFs using advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which is very rare for free tools.

Extremely user friendly :

Everything is done in three really simple steps. First,
you choose the file you wish to convert, after that select the desired format you want your file to be converted to, and the third and final step is entering the email address, and that’s that. Easy as pie!

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to convert a PDF file asap, give this awesome tool a try, it won’t let you down.

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