Painlessly Rename Thousands of Photos in Adobe Lightroom 2016-17

Painlessly Rename Thousands of Photos in Adobe Lightroom 2016-17

31/01/2017 0 By Administrator

Adobe Lightroom 2016-17 has some easy-to-use, powerful features. It helps you organize all your photos, but using those features in your workflow needs you to do some work. You need to decide how best to deal with these features. Lightroom provides a place; it’s up to you to find out how to use that place.

Be Careful When You’re Going to Rename Your Photos

One of the major issues among photographers today is finding the best way to rename digital images. Renaming photos in Lightroom equal renaming of the images on your drive. It’s something you should consider carefully and do early in your workflow. To avoid the hassle of manually renaming your photos, you can opt for a reliable and industry-approved utility such as the Easy File Renamer (EFR).

Import Your Photos

You cannot rename a photo unless you import it from your system. Use the import tool to import photos from your hard drive, a memory card, a camera, or any other Lightroom catalog. During this process, you can weed out photos that you know you don’t want (suspected duplicates). Here’s where you can rename photos as well. Follow these steps:

  1. Tap Adobe Lightroom
  2. Hit File and select Import Photos and Video
  3. Select your Source (the same way I did)
  1. Now either Copy or Move it in the Import wizard.
  2. Select the Photos that you need to import and rename.
  3. Tap File Handling (it collapses and displays options). Don’t forget to check Don’t Imported Suspected Duplicates.
  4. Tap File Renaming and check Rename File.
  5. Give it a Custom Name [first select Custom Name (x of y) and write that in Custom Text]. The Sample area displays the results. For example, give it a name Random (the way I did) and it will show you in the Sample area Random (1 of 10)
  6. Now choose your destination where you want to copy the files.
  7. Here you go! Click that Destination group. Open it and select Into Subfolder > Into one Folder (it copies all of them in one single file). Now tap Import and starts importing.

Files Stored in Your Android Phone?

If you’ve stored your images in your Android phone you can easily import these images too. All you have to do is to enable Photo Transfer Protocol (PTP) in your cell phone. This way you’ll be able to transfer photos through Lightroom. Here’s how:

  1. Open Notifications in your phone. Enable USB for photo transfer.
  1. Tap Photo transfer (PTP) to enable.

File Renaming Templates are Handy.

This interesting feature allows you to create user-centric customizable template. Here you can rename files with advanced renaming configurations. You have many of these template options:

1. Custom Name – Original File Number

In this template, you can keep the original file number. Here you can also give it a custom name (the way I did).

2. Custom Name – Sequence

Photos scattered all over? Group them. First, give a number sequence at the end of any photo. And then make them belong to any photo group.

3. Custom Name

At its name suggests you can give your photo a custom name.

4. Filename – Sequence

This doesn’t allow you to change your image name. But you can add a number (in a sequence) at the end of your images.

Interesting, aren’t they? Yes, and you can create your own templates too. Read on..

How to Create Custom Templates?

Adobe Lightroom 2016-2017 allows you to create custom templates. This way you can rename photos easily. Here’s how:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. It shows you a naming scheme (currently you’re using)
  3. Add new scheme the way I did to the textbox (as shown).
  4. Hit Preset and then tap Save Current Settings as New Preset.
  5. Give it a desired name and hit Create.
  6. Hit Done.
  7. Here you go! Did you see “Liyanage”? Congratulation! You’ve just created a new template.