5 Ways to Streamline the Payroll Process

Remunerating your employees on time can prove to be a headache for businesses in case they are looking forward to getting everything done on their own. Even though it might sound easy as a pie, including factors such as fees, taxes, and the other regulations, and you will come across the biggest minefield in your…

Why it’s the Right Time for Brands to Stay Ahead of the Game with AI Powered Chabot’s

An intelligent combination of human and AI chatbots is the future of the digital business world. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots, the digital experience is evolving. Now brands are using chatbots to responding customers’ queries, helping customers find their desired products and serving as a customer representative to solve customers’ issues.…

How Using Cloud Solutions Can Help You Take Your Operations to the Next Level

For years, large multinational companies have been more than excited about cloud computing. This is the case because the cloud allows them to free up the resources necessary for running their business. By migrating to the cloud, many companies stopped developing applications critical to their business and decided to rent them from another party that…

Top 9 Productivity Extensions for Chrome

StatCounter reported 63.47% of browser market share for Chrome this July which is not surprising. Firefox, IE and safari are way behind in the list, with the gap not expected to shrink, at least in the next two years.

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How Learning Management Systems Are Revolutionizing On The Job Training

On-the-job training (OJT) is a widely adopted approach to training new employees that involve implementing company procedures firsthand. There are many aspects to a job, and not all of them can be sufficiently learned verbally. These days, many progressive companies are incorporating eLearning into their traditional training methods, and the results are consistently positive across…

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How Long Will the Internet of Things Be Coming?

The Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing devices, digital machines, or objects with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without human interaction. A thing in the Internet of Things can be any natural or artificial object with an Internet Protocol address and the ability to transfer data…

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6 Tools to Find Job Easily in the UK

Job hunting is the most time consuming and toughest one which needs to meet your requirements. So, though the domain has evolved, the brick and mortar, placement or recruitment agencies are still the safe bets in this highly digitized world? We will see, in this mind boggling discussion, as the job market is very competitive…

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