Most Trending Smartphone Features You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Smartphones have taken over the globe from the past decade and are now found with every person irrespective of age, profession, and use. These tech companions who were primarily meant to connect people have now emerged as an essential part of our lives.

Most Trending Smartphone Features
Technology has witnessed a tremendous growth and is being developed at a rapid pace. As a result, various new features and technologies are being introduced in the smartphones. The requirements are clustered from various sections of society and each requirement largely varies from the other. However, based on the large-scale requirement there are few features which are burgeoning in the smartphone’s arcade. Here are the currently trending features in the smartphones which are meant to pacify our works.

Fingerprint Sensor:

With the advancements in positivity and utilizations, there is always an increased threat of fraud and misuse. To avoid such fraudulent activities and for the enhancement of security in the smartphones, here comes the presently trending requirement in every user, a FingerPrint Sensor. This feature, which was initially present in the flagship devices from the market leaders are now implemented and are available in the budget devices which are priced as low as Rs. 7000.


Initially, providing a fingerprint sensor in the smartphones was seemingly an impossible task. However, technological advancements have paved the way for the implementation of small sized sensors for the smartphones. Motorola, was the first company implementing a fingerprint sensor in it’s smartphone Atrix. Presently, the trend has been trending on a broad scale and the local players have also started providing the devices with a fingerprint sensor.

This feature apart from safeguarding the personal data in the device also adds on to a security check when it comes to the online payments and transactional activities.

Infra-Red Blaster

Currently, comfort and ease are the primary requirements which are driving the technology and are enlightening the areas for the development. Consider a scenario, where a person needs to switch on the air conditioner in his room and fails to find the remote. Annoying right? This discomfort has been caught by the mobile makers and has implemented the concept of providing a universal remote in the smartphones. Almost all the electronic devices are controlled with the remote controls over the infra-red rays. Thus, the implementation of an infra-red blaster or a universal remote has been implemented.


This seemingly simple adaption is actually not so simple. Wondering why? Well, the infra-red rays could possibly affect the mobile working of a smartphone and can infer with the voice calls on the device. However, this obstacle has been overcome by the science and the IR-Blasters are now seen on most of the devices. Thanks to this adapted feature we now need not depend on our remote controls for operating the electronics and techies around us. A smartphone in the pocket can do the work, just as efficiently.

OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation)

Owning a smartphone and not using it for imaging is surely an unbelievable deceiving. Although not always, but everyone will need to use the imaging from a smartphone’s camera. That said, there are a lot of shutter-bugs among us, who expect a professional imaging out of a smartphone. Optical Image Stabilisation, which is well-renowned as OIS has now become a part of most of the smartphones which targets at achieving better, brighter, and stable video and image capturing. OIS essentially helps in capturing less blurry images and and shake-proof smoother images.


OIS was introduced in professional cameras before a decade and has now prescribed the smartphones. The feature absorbs or grasps the surroundings of the subject in the image and stitches all the captured frames together to get an efficient and a less blurry image.

Advancements in OIS can enable the user to capture a moving object. With even more adjustments, object moving really quick can also be captured at a good resolution and crispness.

Intelligent Voice Assistance

Ever heard of Siri, Cortana, or the Google Now? It would be surprising if someone has not heard of them. As said earlier, we humans are inclined towards the comfort which ultimately results in the advancements of technology. We have been habituated to this fully-automated world and needs things to be done on their own. Thus the above maxim holds true even for the typing on the device, which would sometimes be irritating and annoying.

Intelligent Voice Assistance

This paves a way for the artificial intelligent voice assistance in the smartphones. Tech giant Apple, have came up with their own voice-based assistance named Siri, and now Windows have come up with Cortana. Google, being the market leader has enhanced it’s Google Now for all the android users for providing this voice-based assistance.

And what’s even more interesting is it’s usability which is very simplified. Long press a button on the device and ask your query irrespective of the topic. Your voice will then be processed and matched with the database consisting millions of templates and within no time, you get your answers for the questions. The sweetest part of this burgeoning technology, ‘it gets better with the usage’.

These are a few handpicked features among the lot which has now become a part of everyone’s daily usage. If you do not find these features in your smartphone then, you might need to upgrade your device and line-up with the trending technologies to get the most from a smartphone.

There are many projects on which the companies are working on currently, which includes the modularity in smartphones, foldable smartphones, transparent devices, and more. But until the time this dream projects turn to reality let’s try to satisfy our hunger for technology with the current availabilities.

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