Best Mobile Apps to Market your Business from Anywhere

In a recent era, managing a successful business involves doing much more than dealing with the profit and loss statement of the company. In order to run a successful business, you need to take care of various aspects. However, because of the development of technology it has become easier to tackle it in a hassle free manner and amongst all, mobile apps have proved to be a great help. Recently my friend at Skyward said, that mobile apps not only help you to run your business smoothly but also can take your business to new heights. They can help you enormous ways like: managing the social media, communicating amongst colleagues, sharing and storage of data, managing the contacts and emails or even preparing powerful presentations.

Best Mobile Apps to Market your Business from Anywhere

Irrespective of the type of technology that you use i.e. whether you have Windows, iOS or Android mobile apps can offer immense advantages for your business. The article deals with best apps that will help you to run your business efficiently.

Social Media Management:

Best Social Media Management Apps

The role of social media is very crucial these days; it can help your business in enormous ways. Hence, we should take ample measures to get the optimum output by actively participating and analyzing the social activities of the company. There are various apps which can be useful at various stages like: gaining popularity, transmitting the data and even analyzing your actions.

1. Buffer: Buffer is a new and smarter way to share what you want to share on Social Media. It has also been named as your Social Media Assistant or the Siri of Social Media. It helps you to schedule the updates on various social media platforms like: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. You can add the updates in the buffer queue and it will post them over the entire day. It will post them at a time when there is maximum probability to fetch attention. You can be relaxed and can concentrate on your deals while buffer will take care of your posts.

Download Buffer for iOS | Download Buffer for Android

2. Google Analytics: In order to get optimum results from social media it is very vital to analyze the results of efforts you are making. Google Analytics will help you to track and report the website traffic. It will help you to check the type of results your social media campaigns are getting which can help you to design proper campaigns that will get you more visibility in the market.

Download Google Analytics for iOS | Download Google Analytics for Android

3. Snapseed: It is widely known and accepted truth that information with visual content gains more eyeballs. So in order to magnetize your audience it is advisable to market your campaigns that can catch their attention. Snapseed can prove to be a great help as it is an app that will help you to enhance your photos and apply digital filters. You can edit the pictures using gestures and can get enhancing results. It helps in quick photo editing before posting them on various platforms.

Download Snapseed for iOS | Download Snapseed for Android

4. Mention: This app will help you for the real time monitoring for your brand. It helps you to be updated about the mentions about your brand, company, logo and even competitors all over the web posts. It helps you to react smartly over the mentions regarding you and your brand.

Download Mention for iOS | Download Mention for Android

Communication and Storage:

Best Communication and storage apps
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5. Dropbox: Sharing and storing the data is of prime importance for the business. Dropbox helps you to store all your data and you can access them from anywhere. The files are safely backed up and you can share the data and images with anyone from anywhere.

Download Dropbox for iOS | Download Dropbox for Android

6. Hipchat: Your business might want you to communicate and collaborate with your team on regular basis. Hipchat is the app which helps you to share messages and videos with groups as well as with individuals. Your data will be safe and the real time sharing will help to keep your team updated.

Download Hipchat for iOS | Download Hipchat for Android

7. Hangouts: Google hangouts can prove to be a very interactive and efficient medium for communication. You can send messages and even make voice and video calls using this app. You can easily communicate with your entire team as it permits the group chat between up to 100 people and can also make video calls with up to 10 friends.

Download Hangouts for iOS | Download Hangouts for Android

8. Google Drive: It’s very important to make the data accessible as well as confidential. The Google drive app will create, collaborate as well as share your data. Your data will be backed up and you will not have any fear of losing it. You can even edit your data and also allow others to comment on your data.

Download Google Drive for iOS | Download Google Drive for Android

Project Management:

Best Project Management Apps
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9. Asana: It is an email less project management tool that helps to improve team collaboration. It provides workspaces to each and every team member and helps to plan and manage the project. You can plan your day, communicate about your work and plan your day with the help of Asana.

Download Asana for iOS | Download Asana for Android

10. Evernote: It is the app that not only helps you in note taking and remembering but also offers enormous benefits. It helps you in effective gathering and collection of data. It can easily transform the notes into screen friendly layout for the presentations.

Download Evernote for iOS | Download Evernote for Android

Content Management:

Best Content Management Apps
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11. WordPress: It helps you in managing the content of your website and blog and managing it efficiently. It is very user friendly and helps you to edit and publish the data anytime and at any place. Moreover, it works both for sites and for self-hosted sites.

Download WordPress for iOS | Download WordPress for Android

Using the apps effectively can help you to manage and market your business in a hustle free manner and can increase the productivity of your business by manifolds.

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