An End to the Era, Mobile Apps as it is appreciated

An End to the Era, Mobile Apps as it is appreciated

06/01/2017 0 By Administrator

Smartphones are by default with the native apps and people install apps from the Play Store or App Store as well. It is hard to think of a smartphone without apps in it. The number of people opting to use the phones is increasing and still, continues to do so. Most of the users buy smartphones to avail the benefits of the mobile apps which are available on the phone.

A smartphone would appear vague if it does not any kind of apps in it. The specialty which it holds is different, as it helps us to get out chores done with just a few taps on the app. People have started to become dependent on the apps, as it has been of a great help. Each and every act we do, we are aware that there is an app available for us to use.

Technology, it has an enormous amount change happening around it and the changes are going to be drastic. Tech gigs do not stop with one version; they keep improvising and provide better services. The world is fast moving and people are expecting things to be swift and at its best. Things which are unique and creative turn out to be old and outdated just in a few days.

Let’s alter the trend :

Mobile apps had been essential for us, and the way it is used going to be changed. Millions of app icons on our smartphones will be considered as days of past. In the recent past, the number of people using smartphones has been on the rise. Presently, everyone has got acquainted with the existing apps in the market. It is the time for the mobile app developers to change the trends in the apps.


We need to develop the apps in such a way that, they are compatible across all the platforms and devices. Designing the apps which are platform specific is departing in a rather faster pace than anticipated. Organizations want to dispense the services and products in an agile and elegant way. On the flip side, users have started to lose the interest towards investing time and money in the mobile apps.

The flip side of linking :

Whenever we are using a particular app, it is obvious there are a few links which pop up. When we select the link, it gets redirected to another web page or app. This has helped us to retrieve the finest contents and services through it. It saves us more time and makes our work to be less cumbersome and hassle free. Apart from linking the URL’s, we have the option to index the information into the apps.

Third party apps have to insert their content as indexes in the app and give us better search results. If a user is searching for a particular data, then the app would pop up with the search results. This is applicable only to the apps which support the concept of linking and indexing. There are instances when people try to search and unnecessarily redirected to store, where we are instructed to install an app.

Streaming of Apps :

How about not downloading and installing an app? And, we still get to use all the features which are available in the app. The streaming of Apps is a technology which Google has recently adapted. All we need to do is, click on the particular of the app and it will take us to the features which are available and is in demand amongst the users.


Users do not need to wait for the app to be downloaded, installed and then is available for use. They need to go online and the app will be streamed live for them to be able to use. This is an evolution of the mobile apps industry and it is going to disrupt the whole industry in no time. Mobile app developers have to start thinking about building the apps which would support streaming, linking and indexing as well.

Contemporary Notifications :

In the previous versions of the Android OS and iOS, the way the push notifications were displayed in a different way. The operating systems have adapted to the changing technologies. Presently, the updated version of the operating systems of Android and Apple, display the push notifications with the all the details in it. We do not need to go into the app every single time, as the information will be displayed along with the notification.

If, there is a messenger app on the phone and it has a notification with a message in it. We can directly reply to the particular contact, there is no need of us going into the app to do the particular task. The developers at Apple have gone a notch up and created notifications which are more of an interactive kind. But, Android has surpassed and created the notifications which are split up and easy for the user to interact.

Apps for the Future :

The demands for the mobile apps have been increasing from past one decade and it is ever growing. Presently, the sector in which the mobile app industry is focused on is the trading and the cloud computing network. Most of the entrepreneurs and the techies are aware of the fact that the people are more inclined towards it. The apps which have been designed by the developers are predominantly based on the business, location, cloud computing and security.

Businesses are growing and they want to provide the best service to the public and the best way to do so is by using the mobile apps. But, the way the apps are right now, is going to have a drastic change in the future. They will be built according to the changing technology and will have the features, advancement that no one could have ever imagined.

Prognosis has been made by the tech gigs on how the apps would be in the future. Will they remain the same or will it be complete? Analysis has been made on it and it is predicted that the apps will be developed with the streamlining code. The next generation of computers will see the apps designed and developed according to certain criterions, frameworks, and targets.

Count on, a new age of Apps :

Design and development of the apps have to be altered and should be responsive. Tech gigs are planning to go ahead of what the existing apps is offered to the users. They want to design the app and produce the content which would be compatible across all the platforms and the devices as well. The efforts which are put right now is never going to be enough, it is evident that the techies need to put an incredible amount of effort.

We need to think that there are different ways in which the smartphone apps can be designed. It is clear that the apps which are available will soon vanish into thin air. Web apps and app streaming have started to take on the mobile apps, as they serve the purpose much better than what the mobile apps do. It might come as a shock to most of the tech savvy’s and developers, but this is what the truth is all about. Don’t wait for the future to come and then start executing, the future is almost here, tech gigs, go ahead put those tremendous ideas into the apps.


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