6 Must Have Marketing Collateral to Make Your Business into Next Level

The fierce competition in the market is making it difficult for the companies to survive. It is becoming increasingly difficult to increase the revenue and sales have become the pain point of the companies. Consequently, the importance of sales and marketing activities has increased and companies are making more efforts to improve on it. They need to do much more than just advertising the product and having marketing collateral has become imperative for the business.

marketing colleteral

Marketing collateral is a tangible thing that increases the validity and professionalism of the business. It serves as an informational tool and helps the buyer to make an informed decision.

Marketing Collateral and its importance:

Marketing collateral is the collection of media designed to support the company’s primary advertising message to the customers. It is helps to support sales of the company by providing the important information about the products and services to the customers or the channel partners. Collateral is generally used after the initial contact with the customer has been established. The collateral should be designed to communicate the emotional message to the customers about the rich and rewarding experience that can be gained by the purchase of the product or service. If you don’t have in-house team than hiring experienced trade printers would be make sense so that they can use their expertise to create unique and creative marketing collaterals. It is a compelling reminder that is sent to the customer or some channel partner to make the purchase. Marketing collateral makes the decision process quicker as it provides all the required information about the company and its offerings. It helps to push customers a step further in the process of sales. Moreover, it helps to catch the attention of the customers who are busy with other matters.

Here are 6 marketing collateral that should be on your list:

1. Business cards

They are always a must for the business irrespective of the type and size of the business. It acts as a physical reminder about the existence of your company and its offerings. They should have all the contact information like name, logo, website address, phone number and address of the company. Every employee that interacts with the potential customer needs to have a business card.

business card

2. Company Factsheet

The company fact sheet should include all the details about the company that a person might want to know at a quick glance. It should have details like the mission of the company, year of establishment, details about headquarters or branches and all the details about senior management.

company factsheet

3. Product/Service Factsheet

The marketing collateral should have a sheet containing the detailed report about the products or services offered. If required separate sheet can be added for all the products and services. The sheet should highlight all the required details about the product like its key features, cost comparisons and more importantly the value of the product or service. The product/service sheet helps to clear any doubts that a prospect might have and gives a clear picture about the offerings.

product fact sheet

4. Success stories

Before making any purchase customers will always be keen to know about other customers who might have used the products or services. Having success stories about the existing customers can help to develop trust in the mind of prospect. It can be in form of case studies, testimonials or even reviews. It helps in adding value to the offerings and makes an emotional bond with the customer.

5. Explainatroy product/service videos

Videos are gaining more popularity these days as they have proved to be very effective. Having a short “explainer video” can help the companies to convey their message more effectively. 90% of the users said that watching the video has an influence on the buying decision of an individual. Videos increase the level of customer engagement which helps in increasing the conversions.


6. Brochures

Brochures have been in use since a long time and are still widely in use. It creates a platform to showcase all the service and products and list their benefits. The brochure needs to be of good quality as it creates an impression about the company that can impact the buying decision of an individual. Including a URL code or QR code in the brochures and print media can help to integrate the physical collateral with the digital assets. Another great way is to creative online version of brochure like how Stunited created and uploaded their recent event brochure here.


In order to function in this competitive world companies need to do more than marketing and advertising.  They need to communicate the story to others as businesses rely on the efficiency to communicate the offerings to others. Marketing collateral is one of the best ways to tell your story and offerings to the customer. They act as catalyst in the sales process and help to increase the sales and revenue for the company.

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