An Ultimate Way to Make Money While Shortening URL

If you haven’t made any money online, probably it’s time to change that, right now. What if I tell you that you can make money, right now, this very instant that too without leaving your computer desk?

Well, that is not a joke and it’s totally possible. Additionally, it’s not a scam because you don’t need to invest a single dollar or penny; if you guessed it then you guessed it right, yeah I’m talking about!

The URL shortening Platform that pays you for shortening your URL’s and getting them clicked! So long story short, you got a URL? (Of course, you do a URL of any kind, form or species and we all have atleast some kind of URL), you just shorten it using, share it on your blog/Website or atleast Social Media, get clicks, make money.

Why This Review is About and Not Something Else?

Yeah, this review could’ve been about the hell lot of other providers too right?  Yeah but there are couple factors that make stand out from the crowd and I’ll make bold and state them right away because it deserves to be noticed and used by you guys.

High Commissions

If I’m asking you to join, it’s definitely because they pay you. But then again, every other URL shortening platform pays you too, so well stands out because it pays you high, higher compared to most of them.

It pays you as high as $10.80+/1000 clicks! And trust me getting 1K hits isn’t that hard. That too without a website, I won’t even go explaining the potential you have if you do have a website!

User-Friendly UI and Features

When you land on the site, you’ll see a beautiful little URL shortening bar at the top of the screen. Nothing to mess or confuse you, just enter your URL there and you’ll get your Short URL.

User-Friendly UI and Features

Now just spread it any place you think where it’ll gain exposure, and make money simple as that! Yes see? No one says you must have a website.

Advanced Website Scripts

Well, it has a website script that’s totally controlled by you. You just have to Copy-paste it over your site, and it’ll start it’s magic formula to churn in cash for you.

Once installed, every time a new visitors lands on the site he’ll be shown the ads, and you’ll be making the money. So if your site isn’t doing very great on the revenue side, this is something that guarantees you 100% Conversion!

Affiliate Commissions

Another great feature with is that you can refer people to it. And for every guy you refer, you make 20% of whatever they earn for the rest of your lives!

That’s literally like free money, you don’t have to do anything once you refer someone, just sit back and relax. And whatever happens, happens automatically.

Affiliate Commissions

And over time, the number of guys you’ve referred adds up and thus your commission goes up to something pretty high.

Mass Shrinker

This is something that comes in handy when you have a lot’s of links to be shrinked. It lets you shrink 20 different links at the same time.

You see where this is going? Yeah, you’re opening up 20 different streams of monetization just with one click!

Exit Intent

Well it lets you increase your CTR by monetizing your bounce rate! Yeah, meaning you can set the ads to pop up only when the user is leaving your site and thus you’ll be making money even if you’ve got a high bounce rate.

Now try and name me some other platforms who’ve got the guts to do this huh?

Exit Intent

Final Words:-

So yeah in short is totally equipped with every single element you’ll ever need to monetize your Blog or even your Social Media profiles.

The best part? It lets you take out as little as $5! Well yeah so all you need is 500 clicks (which apparently you can manage in hours if you’ve a good enough blog or active Social profile), so meaning you can make $25-30 by the end of this day itself!

Who hates extra cash huh?  So just head over and Signup at! Once you do you’ll be taken to your account where you can shorten URL’s and manage everything else from one single screen.


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