Best iOS 9 Tips and Tricks That Will Change the Way You Operate Your Device

Apple unveiled iOS 9 on 8th June and since then it has been admired by its users. It has plethora of features that will change the way you interact with your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.

Best iOS 9 Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of Best iOS 9 tips and tricks:

  • iOS 9 has Improved Battery Life:

    Apple claims that the battery life of the iOS 9 devices will last an hour longer as now it uses ambient light and proximity sensors to detect when the iPhone is face down and the screen will not turn on even when you receive a notification.

  • Flash with Video Control:

    Confused about using the flash light while video recording? Need not to worry as in iOS 9 you toggle the flash on and off while recording.

Toggle Flash With Videos

  • Play Video while doing other tasks (for iPad only):

    Now it’s possible to watch the video in your iPad and simultaneously do other tasks. To so you need to start a video in Safari and tap on it to access the control face. Tap on the icon that has a box inside a box and bam, it will float into a new box and you can play the video while jumping between apps.

Play Video while doing other tasks

  • Easy to Hide Photos:

    Now without any third party app you can hide multiple photos from your phone. Head towards Photos app and select the photos you wish to hide from the photo library. Tap on Share icon and select Hide which will hide all the selected photos. In a similar manner you can also hide the videos.

Hide Multiple Photos in iOS 9

  • You can group the Notifications:

    It gives you the liberty to group the notifications. Now the notifications can be ‘Grouped by app’ rather than receiving them solely every time. You can do so by going in Settings → Notifications → Grouped by app.

Notification Group in iOS 9

  • Disable “Shake to Undo”:

    Shake to undo feature allows you to delete the last few typed words just by a quick shake of the iPhone. But it is of little use as it is very sensitive and the pop up appears repetitively. Hence, it is advisable to disable it by going into: Settings → Accessibility → Shake to Undo.

Shake to Undo Setting in iOS 9

  • Disable Vibrations:

    If you don’t like your phone vibrating every now and them than you can disable all the vibrations. Go to Settings → Accessibility and disable Vibrations.

Disable Vibrations in iOS 9

  • Enable/disable Uppercase and Lowercase keys in keyboard:

    If you are not happy about the new changes made in the keyboard than you need to worry. Proceed to Settings → Accessibility → Keyboard and toggle off Show Lower Case Keys.

Setting Lowecase keys in iOS 9
After doing so, if you type the letters in keyboard after pressing the shift key it won’t change from upper to lower case. It can be enabled/disabled by going to Settings → Accessibility → Keyboard.
Lowercase Keyboard in iOS 9


  • Apple Pay shortcut:

    You don’t need to search for the Apple pay now. Just double tap on the home screen and Apple pay will pop up in front.

Apple Pay Shortcut in iOS 9

  • Maps enable you to search Apple Pay vendors:

    Apple Maps now have one more added feature. Along with the routes they also indicate the vendors that accept the Apple Pay.

Maps in Apple Pay

  • Requesting Desktop Site:

    Now it is easier to request for the desktop site. You can do it by tapping and holding on the refresh icon next to URL of the website or you can tap on Share button and select Request Desktop site.

iOS 9 Dekstop Version of Site

  • Add iCloud Drive app to home screen:

    The cloud storage service enables in moving the content from the iOS and OS X devices. But it isn’t available on the home page. In order to get this on the Homepage you need to head towards Settings → iCloud → iCloud Drive → Show on Home Screen.

Shortcut icon for iCloud Drive App in iOS 9

  • Easy to Markup and Reply Email:

    Now it’s very easy to annotate and markup an attachment through your iOS 9.To do so you need to proceed towards the mail having an attachment, tap and hold on the attachment and the menu appears. Select the ‘Markup and Reply’ option in the bottom row and make the necessary changes. Tap on done after you have made necessary changes.  However, there is minor variation for PDF attachments where it lands you to reader mode where you can make necessary alterations.

Markup Feature in iOS 9

  • iOS 9 has enabled Touch ID protected passwords – Safari:

    If your phone is frequently touched by others than this can be really helpful to you. Now, you can prevent others from viewing your passwords in Settings → Safari by enabling the Touch ID. After doing so, to access those passwords you will need to enter the Touch ID.

Setting Touchid Password for Safari Settings in iOS 9

  • Reader View is enabled in Safari:

    Safari is now enabled with the Reader View in which you can change the font, size and also the background. It also removes the extra information hence the page won’t look cluttered now. It can be accessed in the blogs and websites which support this feature; you just need to tap on the icon that appears on the left side of browsers address bar.

Reader View Enable in iOS 9

  • Math problems are easier with iOS 9:

    Calculate Percentage in iOS 9

    iOS has made it easier to do math problems as well as conversions. Go to search section by swiping to left screen and you can type any math question like multiplication or divison you will get the answer right below the search bar. It also helps you in doing the currency conversions.

Conversion of Curreny feature in Spotlight search

  • Siri can set reminders for you:

    Siri can help you in one more way. If there is something in your phone regarding which you need the reminder for instance: email or message than you can tell Siri to remind you and a reminder will be created for you.

  • Siri can search photos for you:

    If you don’t like searching particular photos amongst the pile of pictures in your gallery, Siri is at your help. You can tell Siri to search the pictures of a certain place or date.

  • Draw sketches in Notes app:

    Along with writing notes you can also draw sketches in the notes app. You can tap on the icon on the bottom right which would enable you to draw sketched. It also has a ruler that helps to draw straight lines.

Draw sketches in Notes app

  • Call from search:

    While you are searching for any of the contacts in iOS 9, it provides you the option of making a call, message or Face time. So it is facilitates you will all the options at one tap.

Search Call feature in iOS 9

  • iOS 9 can help you to identify unknown number:

    This is the most admired feature of iOS 9. If you get a call from unknown number than iOS will try to search for the contact person associated with the number from your email. If it finds a probable match, it will display as “Maybe (Person’s name)” on the screen.

Unknown Number Tracing in iOS 9

  • Text Replacement Shortcuts:

    Text Replacement Shortcuts
    If you don’t like typing the repeated words again and again than there is a shortcut for you which will help you in quickly typing frequently used phrases.To create shortcut tap on Settings → General → Keyboard → Text Replacement and then Tap on New Button (+). Enter the phrase along with the shortcut you would like to give.
    For instance: “Be right there” and “brt”

Text Replacement Shortcuts in iOS 9
Hopefully the article has addressed all the important tips and tricks, please leave comments if you wish to share some more tips. You can also comment about your favorite tips and tricks from the above.

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