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The two great wonders caused by the advent of Internet were search engine optimization and social media marketing. What initially emerged as just the means to improvise results for the users? Have you taken several businesses to the next level? Many of the social media tool makers have now realized the true power of their tools. No wonder Instagram has come up with some truly impressive business tools that simplify online business for the diverse e-retailers.


Instagrammers used the tool simply to share impressive images that created memories for life. It was a personal tool till now. But now the makers of Instagram wish to take this tool to the next level. The new features on Instagram App will help many business owners to improve their traffic and gain better profits.

What is different now?

This is the first question that will come to the minds of the several SEO and SMO experts who have always been using Instagram to enhance business. You could create posts and understand the popularity of your post from the likes and shares. It was a great way to enhance your online traffic but you could never understand the deeper analytics of your post. You could never understand the engagement and reach of your post but this is now possible. 

What are the new business tools on Instagram?

Unlike a common Instagram user, a business owner may have several expectations from the Instagram App that help to enhance the business and bring better profits to the users. Many of the modern businesses that run online rely greatly on engagement, traffic, and user friendliness. Most of these businesses greatly rely on online reputation. Keeping all these factors in mind, the new Instagram App has some truly impressive business related features as listed below:

Instagram Business Profiles

Yes, now business owners can create a business profile on Instagram. This is a free feature that Instagram users can avail of. A business owner with a business profile on Facebook can create a business profile on Instagram too. The business owner can decide how he wants the customers to get in touch with him. The options for text, call or message will be offered when they press the contact button.

Instagram InsightsInstagram inzicht demografische gegevens

The latest Instagram App provides business related insights to its users. It helps the users know which posts are gaining more popularity or pulling in more traffic. These insights will surely help online business owners to target the right customers and create the right posts.The beauty of this app is that it will tell the business owners many details of the customers like the city they belong to. These trivial details count significantly when it comes to reaching out to the right customer.

Instagram Promote


This is sure the best aspect of the Instagram App. Now you can convert your best performing posts into advertisements in just a few clicks. You can encourage your audience to take action. Are you confused who is the ideal audience for your post? Well, the app will even help you choose the right audience.

How can Business Owners make the best of these tools?

The new features have made the Instagram App a very valuable business tool. Business owners who rely on this app can improve their service and target the right audience. Many times the online businesses fail because they are unable to identify what fails in their marketing strategy. The Instagram tools will help to review each post and identify the best posts.

The business profile is another attractive feature that will help business owners to create contacts online. They can collaborate with others in the same field. This is a great way to understand the competition and build a reputation in the industry.

What the makers say about their unique innovations?

There was a clear reason why Instagram came up with some truly innovative business features. As per the Instagram Global Head of Business and Brand Development,James Quarles, half of the people on Instagram follow a business.He further added that 60% of the users learn about services and products on Instagram.(techcrunch.com)

When asked about the tools, Quarles stated that they built tools for small businesses and yet bigger businesses will know how to make the best of it when they are on the go. Quarles believes that the Instagram tools are going to help businesses of all sizes.When asked why the small businesses would want to use Instagram for their business promotion, Quarles gave a very satisfying reply. He stated that Instagram’s ability to put something visually striking in front of the probable customer could be one reason why small businesses aspire to grow using Instagram.

The innovation was a response to the feedback provided by different business owners who were interviewed by Instagram. Many businesses are eagerly waiting to try new promotions using this new version of the app.

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