11 Ways to Increase Your Twitter followers

Social media is gaining enormous popularity this days and Twitter holds a prime position in the chart. But the bottleneck faced by majority of the users is to increase the number of followers on twitter. Twitter can prove to a vital platform for an individual as well as brand as there are enormous benefits attached. However, it’s of no use without the followers. The article deals with 11 ways to increase the number of followers:

Best Ways to Increase Twitter Followers
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1. Be yourself:

Twitter is a social media and is for human interaction. People will follow you to see the real you. Don’t just copy blindly what others do. Have profile pictures and cover photos that would showcase you or your brand. Twitter is a place to showcase your skills and talents. In order to gain admirations showcase your art.

2. Decide what to tweet:

People will follow you and share your content if they feel that your content is valuable and worth sharing. In order to gain more followers it is always advisable to remain active on twitter but it doesn’t mean that you can tweet anything and everything. Generally the twitter users look for the content that is valuable and interesting. Write your tweets under 140 characters. If you don’t want your tweets to be missed by the readers, than you can use the wonderful app Buffer and SocialPilot. It helps you to send tweets on schedule. It will increase your visibility leading to an increase in followers. Furthermore, using #(hashtag)in your tweets will increase the probability of it being shared and will also attract more eyeballs.

decide what to tweet
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3. Retweet and ask for retweet:

Reteewet the content that might interest the readers and ask the followers to retweet your content. Writing the word retweet in your tweet will increase the probability by the readers to retweet your content. You can also use the tools like Click to tweet so that the readers can tweet the content readily. Return the favors by retweeting the content of the followers that have shared your tweets and made them favorite. You can also mention about the people who have actually shared the article.

4. Be Interactive:

In order to mark your presence on twitter you should comment on relevant news and tweets. Try to participate in chat groups and comment on relevant news as it will help you the grab the eyeballs. Participate in the conversation that would interest your followers or engage in the discussion.

interactive tweet
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5. Follow the leaders:

If you want others to follow you than follow the potential personalities for you or for your business. Try to give relevant and sensible revert on the tweets of these people influential people. It will magnetize your followers. Making your twitter timeline active will help give you access to the vast audience

6. Exhibit your twitter account:

You should not leave a single chance to flaunt about your twitter account. Try to flaunt your twitter account on other social media as well as on blogs to gain the visibility. You can use the twitter username in your email signature. This will expose you to the vast audience.

7. Make optimum use of the twitter bio:

Your twitter bio could give the first impression of your twitter account. You should describe yourself in an attractive way in those 160 characters. Your twitter bio should be helpful to arouse interest amongst followers’.

twitter bio
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8. Use Twitter lists:

Using twitter lists  will help you organize your twitter. It helps you to categorize users into group and manage how you look at tweets. It helps you to connect to the users in an efficient way. You can also subscribe to the lists made by others. Hence, it gives you exposure to many spectators.

9. Follow more people:

In order to follow more people you should have the art of following others. Follow the people of your niche and there are high chances that they will follow you back. In current scenario to have more followers on twitter has become a symbol of prestige so in order to achieve it you should help others to do the same.  Also you can use the tools like tweet adder that will help you to increase the number of followers.

10. Analyze your tweets:

In order to catch maximum eyeballs you need to do analysis about the type of tweets that are receiving maximum attention. It is advisable to use twitter analytics which provides you the details about your tweets’ clicks, engagement, retweets and so on. By using this you can know the interest of your followers and resonate with them. It also important to check the time at which your tweets are gaining maximum response. You shall decide the time to tweet as per your followers’ availability. For instance: If majority of your followers are from US than you should publish your tweets as per the US timings.

twitter analytics
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11. Engage in Networking:

Try to create network with people of similar interest, age or profession. Try to make offline as well as online interactions and conversations. It’s important to remain in the sight of the audience as it is rightly said “Out of sight out of mind.” Try to expand your network, interact more with your new followers and thank them. Try to converse more with the audience and engage them.


Increasing the number of followers on twitter is not a rocket science but it certainly isn’t every individual’s cup of tea. You need to be alert, active and know the technique of using the apps that help to rocket the number of followers. By using the above stated 11 strategies you can create a robust audience and increase your followers.

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