How to Increase Engagement with Your Video Marketing

There is no doubt about it; videos are one of the hottest marketing tools. Marketers are beginning to take advantage of this by incorporating videos into their sites, and social platforms are making them more accessible on mobile. However, video marketing has not been very successful because the content is not easy to produce. For a great result, videos need extensive planning, filming, scripting, and editing. Since it is what the consumer wants, marketers should focus on producing great videos. Why are they so popular? Videos are engaging, personable, and easy to consume. So how can you increase engagement with video marketing?

How to Increase Engagement with Your Video Marketing

Consider how you share them

As you already know, you need to share videos on every possible channel, including social channels such as Pinterest and Slideshare. On some of these platforms, you might to edit the videos into short 15-second clips. Uploading your video to such platforms affects the engagement rates. For example, when you upload a video directly to Facebook, it drives higher engagement because of the Facebook algorithm. Therefore, you should experiment with several methods of sharing and check the metrics.

Keep your videos short and concise

Do not put too much content in one video. Although this might be tempting – considering the amount of work that goes into the creation of one video – a long, pointless video results in a drop-off in engagement. As a general rule of thumb, you should keep your videos under 2 minutes and center your script around 3 well-defined points.

Optimize videos for SEO

If you are uploading videos to YouTube, you need to increase their chances of being seen by:

  • Including keywords in the tags, title, and description – keywords play a big role in making your video searchable. For this reason, you need to include them in your descriptors.
  • Call to action – always include a call to action to keep the viewers engaged. Whether the call to action is another video or visiting a website, make sure you add it.
  • Add it to a playlist – videos need to be added to the right playlist to make them searchable and to make the viewers engage with additional content after playing it.
  • Take advantage of tags – YouTube allows you to tag with up to 120 characters. The more keywords you use, the better. Make sure that you add the tags in order of their importance.
  • Use closed captioning – including captions in your videos allows you to add even more keywords. It also optimizes your videos and makes them searchable.
  • Attractive thumbnails – a thumbnail can either make a visitor click on your video or ignore it. Therefore, you should use thumbnails that attract visitors and encourage them to click. If you cannot find one that is compelling enough, upload one that conveys the message you want to communicate.
  • Optimize the title – titles should have 50 words or fewer to avoid being shortened. Whenever possible, you should add keywords at the beginning of the titles to optimize them.

Whatever you do, make sure that you use the right strategies to increase user engagement. Do not use strategies that affect your videos negatively.

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