5 Growth Hacks for Building an Impressive Ecommerce Store

An online store is a must today for any business and they are all competing to build the best e-commerce site for the success of their business. A website is the face of your business and you will fail if you cannot make an impression with your e-commerce store. This is why an amazing website is necessary in order to beat the competition and win customers.

There are a number of things you should do in order to make an impressive e-commerce store. Below are 5 growth hacks you can use to build your own impressive e-commerce store:

1. Use a new and innovative approach as opposed to a product

Generally, people are interested in spending millions on innovation and unique products and services, without thinking about how others might copy them, resulting in competition for the same. So, the primary objective is to present businesses with innovative ways of selling products rather than innovative products.

Companies like Amazon and eBay are doing very well solely because they are presenting basic products to customers in innovative ways. They offer free shipping, customer product reviews and multi-channel support via email and live chat, among others to make the same products seem more attractive and endearing. Using the live chat feature, customers can ask questions or document a concern prior to purchasing, which boosts sales, thereby enhancing the customer shopping experience for your products.

Innovative approach for ecommerce store

One of my friend from Tagove Live Chat said, we’ve learned a lot through the use of customer feedback, which told us that offering a live chat feature can assist with discovering even the smallest of problems experienced by customers.   

2. Include great content on your e-commerce site

Previously, all e-commerce sites were filled with apps and technical information which made them difficult to maneuver through, but that’s changing. Site owners are keeping things simple – less fluffy clutter to confuse and more stress on the content. Include everything on the menu link and see how it goes. Customers are bound to find an e-commerce site with great content far more interesting than one without it. As a result, all good e-commerce sites must have good content writers.

Let’s take the example of Scotts Menswear:

Scotts Menswear


Scotts understood the value of content and invested -in it.  To ensure the job was done well, they hired an experienced ex-loaded editor, James Brown. Scotts primarily focuses on sports, films and fashion, when targeting customers within their demographic.

3. Actively participate on social networking sites

Social networking sites help spread a brand’s name from one customer to another. If you want to build an impressive e-commerce store, you should actively participate on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, that doesn’t mean you only talk about your business and new products being launched. You should follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of the information you share is informative and 20% is promotional. Share funny jokes and write about the latest trends and how your products complement those trends. Try to be interesting rather than boring and repetitive or else the audience will get irritated and leave.

Let’s take a look at another example, IKEA:


IKEA is the leader in stylish furniture manufacturing and they always try to share their creativity in order to cater to the attention of their customers. In their Twitter posts, they show real customers creatively using IKEA products which, again, demonstrate a way to build an impressive e-commerce store.

4. Personalize everything

Wouldn’t you prefer to buy from someone who knows your name? – Tweet

In addition to social networking sites and live chats, you can also contact your customers through offline methods like phone calls, parties, and events.  You can use these personalized communication methods in order to strengthen your relationship with your customers by learning their likes and dislikes for your products and working to fix them. This makes your customers feel like their opinion matters and helps in the promotion of your brand.

“Each [customer] is different and, therefore, needs to be catered to in a specific fashion,” said Jack Lowinger, founder and CEO of collaborative shopping platform Cartonomy.

Each customer is different; therefore, businesses should treat each one personally, understand their wants and then personalize their shopping experiences in order to ultimately help those businesses to build better relationships with their customers and increase business.

personalized everything

You can look at the example of Criquet for how they use first-person pronouns to personalize their site experience.

5. Progress carefully

Many times, e-commerce sites can get famous and popular at the very beginning. Becoming famous does not mean you have to make impulsive decisions, though many do because they are tasting fame for the first time. Therefore, before even considering the notion of expanding or diversifying, one should make sure that they are able to hold onto the growth rate they had as well as have all the things that are required in order to carry on growing. Thus, it is best not to grow too fast when you don’t have the resources for such growth, even though the conditions may be in your favor.

Bonus: Convert clients into brand ambassadors

People are more convinced by the words of other customers than by the words of salespeople. This means that if your product is recommended by customers it will get more attention than if it is just being recommended by your salesperson. Your aim shouldn’t be to satisfy the customer’s needs but instead to make them feel special and cared-for. In other words, give them reasons to prefer you over all others. Last, but not least, include them on your social network page or group so that they start recommending you to everyone they know and so forth.

These growth hacks can be an important part of the success of an e-commerce store and are a must today. So, if you want your online store to be successful, keep these points in mind.

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