All You Need to Know About Facebook Live Streaming Tool

There is no denying how Facebook has played a pivotal role in introducing and popularizing the role of social media in the last few years. While there are numerous other social media platforms, possibly none is as popular and used as extensively than this one. Facebook has also become a favorite choice of businesses owing to its features that let them promote their service and do online advertising in numerous ways.

All You Need to Know About Facebook Live Streaming Tool

With time, Facebook has got enriched with new features that have made the platform, even much popular with various types of users. The newest addition to its arsenal is the live video streaming service.

Nuances of Facebook Live streaming

Video calling was introduced in Facebook messenger quite a few months ago and the live streaming is the latest addition to its feature list. This feature lets users broadcast live video feeds online through a phone camera. With millions of people using Facebook through their phones, it is likely to become a hit. Theses streams can be watched by others on Facebook.

The users can also select emoticons while watching a live stream. When you make the live stream, you can add filters. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in the near future, the majority of Facebook content people share may well be a video. The update comes at a time when rival services have focused on live-streaming services. Twitter has a similar service while Google is reportedly building the capability for YouTube.

New possibilities with Live streaming

Facebook’s new live streaming is meant for enabling user feel more. As you replay one streamed video, you can see the comments made by viewers and their reactions. You may also invite friends to see live videos. If this feels enticing enough, Facebook’s decision to doodle on a live video in the future may make you more excited. Media entities like Vox Media and BuzzFeed have tied up with Facebook to use these services. Earlier, Facebook has updated algorithms of live videos appear on users’ streams by default. Facebook is also planning to incorporate this live streaming into events and groups in the near future.

Start Live Streaming: It’s simple

Like other services in Facebook, video live streaming is pretty simple. As of now, only Android and Apple device users can use it. At the status bar’s bottom right corner a human figure is present, which is the live button! After pressing it, you get some options. You can decide who will be shown the stream. At this juncture, you may also write a small description about the stream for the convenience of viewers. As the stream goes live, others can post their reactions and comments.

Facebook Live Streaming can become popular with all types of users just like its other online services. However, businesses can very well leverage the newly introduced feature to their advantage. Below listed are a few tips that business can utilize for this purpose:

1. Planning ahead

As is the case with any content marketing campaign, you may think of a video content strategy before broadcasting a live event for your company suing Facebook. Think of aspects like focus of the event, timing and participation of the views well in advance. It is prudent that you inform your Facebook followers and fans beforehand about the upcoming stream event.

2. Little details

When you plan to do live video streaming for a company, the quality issues cannot be overlooked at all! So, ensure the light is adequate where you shoot the event. The background noise should be non-existent. If your device has an inbuilt noise cancellation system, that is like icing on the cake. If necessary, you may also use an external microphone with your device.

3. Using variety

When you start using video live streams through Facebook for your company, try to keep it varied. Variation is applicable in terms of the length of the feed and topics. This will keep the viewers interested and make them come back for more over time. For instance, you can stream one event about an upcoming product launch and there can be another on market expansion. You may even use the service to broadcast a small interview or offer quick and handy tips to viewers about popular products sold by your company. Facebook recommends making the live video streams at least 5 minutes long.

4. Keeping it interactive

Interactivity is what makes your social media feeds interesting and draws attention of fans and viewers. This is quite applicable for live video streams. Imagine, would it not be somewhat boring if all your live videos streams just show something in a one dimensional way? To keep things enticing, make the video feeds, interactive and encourage viewer feedbacks. Ask them questions when the stream is being made. This will get your feeds lots of reactions and comments.

5. Targeting a niche

When you use the live video streaming feature in Facebook for business purposes, it is possible to target a niche section of viewers. You can cater to audiences in a region or viewers with special areas of interest like technology or animals etc.

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