Does Your Business Still Need a Printer

In the business sense, a printer is required for main advertising. Print media used to be the only method of ancient times apart from word of mouth and then later radio and other advertisement techniques. But with the takeover of the internet in recent decades the major method of spreading information whether it be simply informing to a promotion of businesses to the masses by placing ads on websites, apps, banner ads, mobile advertising and social and digital media handles like Twitter and Facebook. These are efficient in reaching target audience especially if they fall in the bracket of 15 to 35 years of age. The question which manifests here is – Is Printing using a printer a worthy investment for your small Scale business.

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If your business is larger and established, you could probably afford the luxury of a printer whether you use it or not, but for new and small businesses every penny must be spent wisely. Today we will discuss if you should invest in the printer or not for the advancement of your business.

Are printers still important?

There is no doubt in any one’s mind that a paperless world is nearing and the increase of advertisement shifting to the web and an internet based advertisement is obvious, but this does not correlate with a decrease in published matter at all. You must be thinking- now a day it is so easy to create our important documents on our smartphones, tablets and PCs and then store them in the cloud to access them whenever required and can even be shared with clients and colleagues as and when needed. Some of you may even fell that printing out the same information is simply a waste of time, energy, and money.

If that thought has occurred to you, it is time to reconsider. And that too for various reasons like-

Data records In many renowned companies and establishments, even though they may have the most up to date software and online systems, they still prefer to maintain printed records of numerous day to day data. This is a symbol of a truly organized system. With designated files for important information like sales reports or employee information, it is easy to handle work even when there is a crash in the online system. It is not necessary to print each and every minuscule bit of information, but as your work progresses you will realize the importance of hard copy material of your PC and online information for backup. This will also help you to keep track of your own records.

Advertisement and promotion– having already discussed that, just because the advertisement world has made a major shift from print media to paperless promotion, however, there are some situations in which you will have to use a printer. For example- creating pamphlets, business cards, flyers and booklets for local distribution will ensure that the crowd within your vicinity is aware of your presence- especially if you are a small business with less knowledge and experience in shipping and courier of your goods or services. Also, if you decide to attend local fairs, festivals, and workshops, you will need a full time dedicated the printer to created newsletters, banners etc.

Exchange with Clients Many a time you will be required to create and print hard copy documents and other transaction papers for your clients. It is considered more presentable to present the client with a neat file during meetings along with your PowerPoint presentation or other methods of communication. And for some clients, it will be mandatory to do so because their system has not reached the online market yet. Thus, it will be important for you to supply them with timely printouts of the transactions to continue business with them and keep everyone happy. It would be better to do the simple task of providing them with printed updates rather than losing their business, wouldn’t it?

If you weigh the pros and cons you will find that the pros clearly outweigh the cons and getting your personal printer can do wonders for your start up an establishment. Thus, it is highly recommended that you invest in a good quality printer today for the long-lasting success of your business.

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