Digital Marketing in 2015 – The 5 Step Guide to Increase ROI

With the year 2015, peeking from just around the corner, most online businesses are busy planning digital marketing strategies that will ensure consistent growth and prosperity for their ventures. Given the fact that social and mobile networks have become a driving force in influencing prospective consumers, the concept and definition of online retail shopping has changed in a significant manner.


Today, customers expect and are more than willing to gain information about the products they seek online through various platforms, apps, and devices to ensure that they end up choosing the right brands.

In keeping with the above needs of the customers, it is important for digital online marketers to focus on the emerging trends of online marketing.

Discussed below are the 5 important steps that digital marketers need to take in 2015 to enhance the profitability of their organization and improve ROI.

Don’t Avoid The Importance Of Email Marketing

As per the marketing analysis statistics carried out by various businesses, only 1-3% of the people visiting a website make the decision to buy its products or services in the very first visit. A well planned and properly implemented email marketing campaign can drive over 65% of consumers to make a purchase and thus enhance the profitability of the business website.

This type of marketing strategy offers the freedom delivering relevant offers and content to specific audiences which in turn enhances the turnaround rate and ensures a good ROI for the company. Given the vast scope that email marketing offers to digital marketing professionals, they need to start planning in the right manner to make it work for the diverse online ventures of their clients.

Mobile Market Is The Need Of The Hour

According to Neil Mohan from Google, 90% of online transactions carried out by customers are initiated on one device and finished on another. Moreover, the sale of Smartphone and tablets outnumbered the PC sales by a significant margin, a trend which is expected to continue in 2015. As such it is important for digital marketers to focus on devising marketing strategies targeting users of different types of mobile devices.

It is important to be aware of what the users can do with their devices and put more efforts into taking advantage of these possibilities and emerging technologies in the near future. This can help the digital marketing professionals to create better experiences for the users and cater to their specific needs in a better manner.

Discover The Unseen Benefits Of Social Media

It has been observing that offering the facility of social sharing in any marketing tool enhances the click through rate by no less than 158 %. With the budget for social media marketing expected to double in the next few years, the effective use of this marketing tool is going to become an integral part of strategies devised for creating a strong online presence businesses through direct interaction with prospective customers.

In addition marketing, professionals can use the tools offered by social media can help marketers to communicate the core values of a business to a wider audience and thus strengthen the brand name. Active use of social media for business promotion online can not only guarantee greater ROI but also help in enhanced business growth and profitability.

Employ Content Marketing Effectively

It is being estimated that a whooping 135 billion spent on content marketing in 2014, and this figure will increase significantly in 2015. This is because most CMO’s consider custom content as the future of effective online marketing strategies. That is why online marketing professionals need to focus on promoting good quality and original content.

Keyword rich content can go a long way in generating awareness about a business amongst its target users and building a relationship of trust with the prospective clients. Proper content marketing strategies can ensure a significant increase in the number of serious in-site visitors and better user engagements which in turn can lead to greater conversions and increase ROI.

Target Search Engine Optimization

More than 33% of the visitors prefer to go with sites listed on the first page of search engine results. This in itself is an indication of the importance of consistent SEO especially in view of the fact that most search engines regularly update their algorithms for ensuring greater transparency in rankings.

This is what makes it extremely essential for the digital marketing professionals to constantly remain on their toes to match the changing needs of the effective search engine optimization. However once the right strategies are identified, developed and implemented, they can offer long lasting results with minimum maintenance and enhanced ROI.

The above-discussed steps, when implemented in the right manner and at the right time can make any business take the lead in its specific field. In addition to being extremely cost-effective, these strategies are emerging as the ones that would offer the best benefits for all types of businesses in the coming year.

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