Top scanning apps which made your scanning covenant

In the present era, Document scanners play a vital role in small businesses for years. Scanner apps are very useful for everyone including the teenagers and adults. A good scanner app for a Smartphone will save one’s time and effort. It is extremely helpful to use a PDF scanner app when one needs to upload some pages to the internet but nowhere near to a scanner machine and computer. The demand for mobile scanning is high in the field of businesses toolkit.

There is a plenty of full-featured mobile scanning apps that can turn Smartphone and tablets into document scanners. Mobile scanning apps let the folks capture and convert receipts, whiteboard notes into a PDF or other file format. Mobile apps have made the people’s lives a lot more productive, anything it might be like collaboration apps, cloud storage apps, personal assistant apps and more. These apps made the professionals work in an efficient manner.

Developments in mobile hardware and software have disorganized a number of outstanding industries including transportation, banking, photography, and music. The following apps are useful for anyone in the world who is in an emergency to run out of office but needs to send a quick mail when they are away.


CamScanner is a popular one with more than hundred million installs all over the globe. This app was created by INTSIF, Premium provider of Innovative Mobile Applications and available for both iOS and Android devices. One can scan, store, and synchronize documents. The additional features include extracting text from images, share PDF/JPEG files, print, Fax, and secure important documents with a pass code. CamScanner allows the consumers to invite their friends and colleagues to view and comment or scan in a group.


If an individual owns multiple devices, they can take advantage of CamScanner’s platform synchronize feature. The folks can access all their scans, no matter where they created them; a great feature for flexible editing and sharing. This app works fast with one’s favorite cloud service and works as a QR code scanner as well. The people feels the desktop speed if they use this app. Extra features are included like optical character recognition, smart file renaming, quick actions, document signing etc. It is quick, simple to use and one can adjust the image for clarity.

One can add up to forty extra collaborators and 10G of space in the cloud. It also automatically enhances scans to make every word and image as clear as possible. It is compatible for both of the Android and iPhone devices. It is a free app with an optional subscription.

Docufy Scanner:

This app has a user interface that simplifies many of the functions of this app. It is also known to be ultimate Android Scanner. An individual can easily scan, fax, and add glossaries to document so that they can be synchronized and filed to be accessed from virtually anywhere and anytime. The app has auto image resize according to the screen resolution, contrast information of brightness and other details.


It is a clone of Scanner App, iScanner uses automatic border detection to keep scanned image clean it can be anything like a torn piece of paper or an original item. The iOS-only mobile scanning app’s image enhancement features which include color alteration option helps to create quality documents every time. Once a scan is completed, the person can edit the file further by copying, cutting, and pasting pages as needed.

Its file management structure lets the folks select folders for each scan, and it also provides easy drag-and-drop functionality. One can view and sort completed scans by collection, date, and file name. The people can share scans through a multitude of popular platforms, including Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive or they can also send files to collaborators directly using email. The password protections boost up the security by limiting access to confidential scans. This app is only compatible with the iPhone devices.

Genius Scan:

This app usually uses image enhancement and smart page detection to capture a better scan. Usually, the mobile scanning app recognizes page edges; it corrects the alignment if the scan is slightly crooked. It can also improve the brightness if the scan appears either dim or exposed. There is no need to make any changes in the post-processing images. This app has an amazing feature that allows the folks to scan multiple pages quickly.


One can save new scans in JPEG or PDF file formats, and also can create multi-page PDF if there is a need to store lots of scans in a single document. This app’s efficient search feature helps the folks to find the search we want.  It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Office Lens:

This app was created by Microsoft, so it is compatible with Microsoft products, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The folks can use the app to share images of whiteboards and blackboards, and it automatically cuts the glare on the whiteboard. There is a business card mode which is available in three languages such as English, German, and Spanish. It automatically saves the scanned document in the gallery and uploads a copy to Microsoft One Note account.

Google Drive:

It is the best tool to scan and keep track of important receipts. This app allows the folks to scan documents and even perform optical character recognition on text in the documents while scanning. One can organize snapshots or photos of documents easily, and then convert them to PDF later from another device. Google Drive is free on all platforms, and the scans are neatly saved both on the mobile device and Google Drive account for safe keeping or retrieval later.


It is better than just taking photo or snapshot of documents, and the auto-upload backup of the file means one can grab it instantly from the desktop or another device. The document scanning is a little-known feature and it is incredibly easy to use. One can save money and time because it does not have any paid subscription to scan all the documents. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


This app lets the folks to scan documents in excellent quality with more than two hundred dpi (Dots per inch). One can scan almost anything including documents, business cards, invoice or receipts, tickets, notes etc. The save option is available which allows an individual to save the pictures to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive and easily share them. The app also includes a cool search feature. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Tinny Scanner:

This app detects the page edges automatically and this one is an advanced app. There are many options which include legal and A4 sheets in addition to the standard letter. One can sort scans by title or date and can view them either as thumbnails or as a list. In order to consume the time, one can search for specific files by title instead of scroll through the list of scans. The scans can be saved into folders, send by email or fax, or share them through cloud services such as Evernote, Google Drive, or Dropbox. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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