How to Build Functional Alternative Traffic Sources For Website

What consequences would your website suffer if Google suddenly went off? That’s a highly unlikely scenario, but thinks: do you have any alternative traffic sources that would save your online business?

Paid social media advertising

You don’t have to imagine life without Google to start thinking about growing your traffic without relying on Google. You know how often the algorithm changes, so you never know when you’re about to lose tons of traffic overnight. You can either make peace with such unpredictable destiny, or you can change your approach and start working on a backing strategy.

It’s never wise to rely too much on Google’s organic search results, so start working on your independence and build alternative traffic sources! The following tips will help you do that:

Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

Of course, you need a superb content marketing strategy if you want to rank high on Google search results. However, that shouldn’t be your only goal when publishing blog posts, articles, and other types of content online. Instead of being focused on implementing the right keywords and making the search engine happy, you should be thinking about the needs of your readers. High-quality content brings organic traffic from different sources. If you’re getting most of your traffic via Google, then you are doing something wrong.


One way of using content as a source of more traffic is to turn the text into video, infographic, or presentation. These forms are easier to follow, so they get more shares and recommendations.

If you are convinced that you’re publishing content of highest quality, but you’re still not getting enough traffic from alternative sources, then you should start working on your communication with the target audience, as well as on your connections with influencers.

Paid social media advertising

Who needs to pay for ads on social media when these sites are free for everyone to use? Actually, a paid advertising campaign will have an immense effect to the traffic to your website. The ad will be promoted in front of a relevant audience chosen according to interests and location. Social media advertising will generate more visits to your website, but it will also increase the base of followers on your profiles.

social ads

Speaking of social media, you shouldn’t limit yourself to Facebook and Twitter. Build your presence on Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIN, Reddit, and all other sites that help you promote your website. If you pay for advertising on most of these sites, you’ll soon notice the changes in the number of visits to your site.

Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the most efficient ways of building alternative traffic to your blog or website. When you write a high-quality post that solves readers’ problems and contributes with valuable information to the online base of content, you should get it featured on a notable blog. Many influential bloggers are willing to accept good blog posts because they add value to their sites.

If for example, you have a nice idea for a post that suggests tech tools for students, you can send a prompt to a great blog and write the piece when you’re accepted.

You don’t like writing for someone’s benefit? Think of it this way: you’ll attract the audience from that blog towards your own website! If you manage to impress the readers, they will certainly visit your site to see what else you have to offer.

The trick in this strategy is to find the right blogs for guest posting. Make sure they have loyal readers who respect the work of the writer and respond with meaningful comments. If you notice that most of the comments on a particular blog are full of hatred and trolling, you might want to avoid it.

Comment on other people’s blogs

You think you know something about the topic of a post you just read? Well, comment! The blogger would certainly appreciate your input, so feel free to share your knowledge and offer more advice. Maybe you have some questions, or you want to add a tip the writer missed? Whatever you do, make sure you sound convincing and knowledgeable.

Needless to say, you should use that comment to link to your own post on a related topic. Give proper hints that you have more details in that particular post, so you’ll certainly attract some of the readers your way.

Promote your site on forums

Online forums are a great source of information. People share their problems, ask questions and try to find the perfect products/services for their needs. Reddit, for example, has subcategories for any niche you can think of. This network is one of the tested ways to increase blog traffic after publishing. You can also find specialized forums related to your expertise, so you can start sharing your tips and invite the members to visit your website.

It’s very important to avoid aggressive forum marketing. Those members usually get banned. Even if you are not sanctioned for such marketing approach, you will still fail to attract good traffic towards your blog/website. The trick is to offer value. Answer the questions, help people solve their problems, share your insight and knowledge, and drop occasional links to your posts only when they are relevant to the thread.

Forum threads are alive for a very long time, and many new members decide to dig through the pages for more information. Thus, your links will generate continuous traffic towards your website.

Become a useful member of the forum, and other people will start asking for your advice. You’ll learn about their expectations, so you’ll get ideas for upcoming posts and improvement of your website content, products and services. This is the only rule to remember: do not spam!

Publish some interviews

We already talked about the importance of guest posting. You definitely need to promote your site through other blogs, but you also attract good bloggers to write for your site. If you want to make things more fun, you can add a little twist: interviews! Discover the influencers in your niche and ask them for an interview. The guest will certainly promote the post through social media, and you’ll get many visits because they will be interested in the tricky questions and answers.

Make sure to find an important person in your field, and make the interview as fun as possible. If you can get some details the fans didn’t know, you can expect to go viral.

Mobile ads

You have surely noticed those ads on the free smartphone and tablet apps you use. Sure, they can be annoying, but they also intrigue you when they hit the point. A well-designed ad served to a relevant audience will certainly get you more traffic. Plus, most smartphone users click on those ads by accident and end up on the websites. If you serve high quality, you’ll certainly tempt them to stay a bit longer. So, you do need a strategy for mobile marketing.

Since the app users are happy to get it for free, they don’t mind the ads too much. Of course, you have to make sure to optimize your site for mobile users. You don’t want to disappoint them when they land at the homepage.

Optimize the content for Google, but for your readers as well!

Google should not be your only source of traffic, but it would be silly to start neglecting its importance. SEO is still a valuable aspect of your overall marketing campaign. However, you have to make this optimization as natural as possible. Your readers should never notice the fact that you used keywords and search phrases to develop the website content.

Focus on the quality and never suffocate your text with keywords. Your SEO strategy should be balanced out with as many other traffic channels as possible. When you promote top-notch content, it will easily get backlinks and shares on social media. That’s the most valuable traffic you can get!

Traffic Is Important, But What Value Does It Bring?

When you start attracting many people at your website, you have to meet their expectations. Traffic is important, but conversions are more important. How many of those visitors will read what you have to say? How many of them will return for more information and how many will make an actual purchase? That’s the goal you should focus on.

Organic traffic from Google can certainly get you many conversions, but you’ll gain greater benefits by building a community of followers and customers. The alternative traffic sources described above will help you achieve that.

Contributed by Stephanie Norman, she is a professional writer at Australian Writings

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