A Basic Coupon Strategy You Must Overlook

Coupons have been around with us for almost a decade now, of course at the starting of human civilization, there was no money, no need to buy, sell or borrow things, but with the development, came the coins, the notes, and now the credit cards.


Somewhere in between, the coupons found there place. And rightly so, after all they reduced a lot of hassle. You can use a coupon, technically a number or a phrase or a sentence, to avail a discount or a rebate, right?

And the best thing about coupons is, you don’t have the fear of losing them. After all, they’re just a number or a phrase, you can remember them forever and avail them as long as the validity of the coupons last.

I’m pretty sure you’ve used coupons in your lives, maybe for a food discount, or a flight discount, or a Taxi fare discount like Uber offers. That much I’m sure about.

Even though now the word is used globally, according to Wikipedia the term “coupons” was coined in Britain! (Seems they did leave an impact on the world, forever, right? )

What kind of services provide coupon:-

A pretty interesting question, many times you might be confused that the product or service you’re going for, doesn’t have a coupon system, maybe.

Well, that’s wrong, for sure. I can say that without even asking you what you’re going to buy, because Coupons are available, for almost as many kind of products as you can imagine!

In fact, Coca cola used the coupon thing back in its starting days, and that marketing stunt made it from a “drinkable syrup” into one of the world’s leading Soft drink brands, no they didn’t change the product, they just marketed it well.

So, what kind of company do you think won’t copy that blueprint? So yes, either you’re going for a Pizza, a Taxi ride with Old (Oh yes you can get Ola promo codes, too) or even a Haircut! Yes, there’s a coupon available for just any kind of your need.

I am not an Online Shopper, Can I still use coupons?

A very frequent, and logical question, so here’s the answer.

Of course you can use coupons; you don’t always need to be a tech geek to use a coupon. And you don’t always need to order pizza or buy something from Amazon to use a coupon either.

Instead, just as I said before, you can use it for a lot of offline services, and that Old cabs I talked about, are offline as well.


Does using coupons make me look poor?

Does using coupons make you feel “poorer” ? In some cases they might, to people who have some serious ego issues. But see, the point is, a company is offering you a discount, legally, you not accepting it is just the stupidest decision you might have ever made.

And as it’s said, money saved is money earned! So let’s take a different approach here and I might loosen up your guilt. If you’re using a 10% off coupon from Cafe Coffee Day every-time you visit CCD, you’re technically getting your 10th coffee, 100% free right? What’s wrong in buying 10 coffees and getting one for free? (Oh and guess what Lifehacker has to say about coffee!)

How many times can I use a coupon:-

It totally depends on the company’s terms and conditions. Some allow you to use a coupon forever (rarely), some for a limited time (mostly), and some for  a single use.

you can get those details from the company, or probably from the coupon itself. It’s written over there.

Okay so back to the point, if you ever buy something (Which I’m pretty sure you do), make sure you checkout it’s coupons. You will be amazed at the amount of discounts available, and the kind of money you’re just wasting by not availing them.

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