How Auto Dealer Can Drive More Business with Personalized CRM


The car buyers are elated as an increasing number of technology enabled tools are equipping buyers, dealers to meet higher expectations in this industry. Dealership in automobiles is catering to product sales, service and managing customer engagement relationships. So in order to keep up with shoppers, owners are using seamless CRM software. There is an array of social media networking, online, mobile, connected tools and CRM software is benefiting all. The software has changed the way business is being done. It has reduced information availability time, which is aiding dealers to tweak their performances. There are vehicle sales system, a website enabling desking, connecting online marketing and customer service. The CRM when enabled through the internet is enabling the host of facilities, like engaging and converting them, using social media.

Interact with Customer Data in Real-time

The issue of CRM has opened up a host of opportunities for the dealers in the automobile sector as real time connectivity and sharing of data is possible. The dealers are able to build relationship preference where they are using CRM software to leverage their position in the market. There has been a shift in the customization and the reach factor, which has affected customer loyalty positively and helping to integrate the capturing of customer data and use it to optimize it. The level of CRM based solutions has increased with mobile apps integration. Internally a dealer can track the employee productivity for the month, week to calculate the wages. The employees on the other hand are able to track new lead generation, finding prospects, making hot leads conversion into sale which is now automatically integrated into the software.

Better client Servicing and Engagement

These are worth mentioning as each one are having generic features while some have unique features. CRM suite for dealers that has integrated with social media which is a phenomenal change in client servicing and engagement. However, the CRM customizability is what it is worth looking for. Each dealership has its own requirements as it is evident from their size, volume, sales, customer base and each of the dealer implementing CRM software should be able to do it.

Thus, there is more of a technology enabled relationship marketing that has been found to penetrate business domain as it is enabling faster decisions. The multitude of problems in dealerships has been resolved when CRM software has been installed. Maintaining an easy way of doing business with existing customers forms the main pillars as car buying from dealerships amidst competition is now becoming referrals and word of mouth. CRM linked to social media is creating car enthusiasts and prospective buyers on one platform. The online one to one relationship changing to one to much relationship through auto discussion board, forums is allowing seamless information exchange.

Dealerships are allowing customers to use software to vent out problems, offer solutions that are more focussed and location specific. This is enabled with GPS guiding breakdown service, spare part availability, service reminders to assist the busy customers in their daily schedule. The automated actions in CRM has leveraged service action triggers which are helping to integrate the business.

Final word

In a nutshell, each of the single and multi-brand auto dealerships are looking to streamline their operations with customers and OEM (original equipment manufacturers) of vehicles. Therefore, dealership CRM software has enabled to promote customer service post sales and integrate social media to find newer prospects much easily saving management time. CRM integrity as an all round function therefore is helping automobile industry to reap greater revenues and eliminate unwanted and unproductive work by the employees.

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