Everything you need to know about Apple’s New 3D Touch

Apple has always embraced its customers by the new technology across all its products and 3D touch for iPhone 6S and 6S plus is topping the chart these days. It was rightly said by Steve Jobs, “Apple would show us things we didn’t know we wanted.”

The Force touch launched in the apple watch had gained much popularity amongst the users when introduced. But for the 6s generation it has been taken to the new level and has come up with its potential feature 3D Touch. There has been lot of debate about differences between the Force touch and the 3D touch.

Everything you need to know about Apple New 3D Touch

Difference between the 3D Touch and the Force Touch:

Both the technologies are said to respond to sensitivity but the 3D touch has an additional level of sensitivity. The 3D touch is highly reactive to the touches and pressure applied by your fingers and in contrast the force touch has less capacity to measure the changes in pressure. The 3D touch will allow different actions at different levels based on the firmness of your touch. It will make the navigation quicker and easier. Although it doesn’t add any new functionality but one deep press could reduce two or three normal taps. The 3D touch is able to differentiate between tap, press and deep press. 3D touch will completely change the way you interact with your iPhone.

Some Applications of 3D Touch:

3D touch will allow you to navigate freely among the frequently used apps as it gives you short cuts on the home screen. It gives tactile feedback on your gestures. It will make the experience of using the iPhone more enthralling for its users.

Email: The 3D touch will help you to preview the email by a simple touch, by pressing hard you can open the email and to return to the inbox you can lift your finger.

Message: By pressing on the time and date one can get the calendar preview and the shortcut also includes the recent contacts you might want to message again.

Phone: By pressing on call icon a pop up menu will appear on the Home screen having shortcuts to your favorite contacts.

Music: Pressing hard on a music tap can get you to search or beats. Whereas deep press on a song can get you playback controls.

Maps: Use of 3D touch can help you with quick directions towards your destination.

Live photos: It is said to be the best application of 3D touch. It is an automated process and you don’t need to make any changes in the settings. While clicking a picture along with the image the 12 megapixel camera will capture the mini video from both sides of the still. Hence, the still images have a short video along with audio attached to it. It works just like a Burst capture but it is automatic for all the images and while viewing in library you can watch a mini video for each image. Although currently it can be viewed in the iOS devices only it is expected to start supporting facebook in the near future.

The size of the video generated along with every image is automatically compressed and is about twice as the size of normal image. However, if due to crunch of space in your device you don’t want to use the feature of live photos you can conveniently turn it off just as your flashlight.

Third party apps: Even the third party apps are supporting the touch. For instance:  In Facebook you can directly go to status or photo update screen, Instagram will direct you to preview profile images and videos, Dropbox  will allow you to vire docs or upload photo with hard press and ‘Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade’ is also in act. It makes your navigation as well as enriching even with this apps.

It will also help to switch the apps. Swiping on the edge with hard press will reveal all the recently opened applications.

Technology behind 3D:

Capacitative sensors 3D Touch

Capacitative sensors have been integrated into the Retina HD display so the ‘microscopic changes’ in the pressure of each touch can be measured between the glass and the backlight.

Technology Behind 3D Touch

New gestures – Peek and Pop are introduced which allow you to view menus from home screen and allows you to access within. Peep gives you the preview whereas pop gives you access within the app to perform the actions. The initial 3D touch will result in to Peek which gives you a preview of the email, message, document or hyperlink. If you wish to perform some action than a deep press will result in Pop. This will make the entire app accessible and you perform the further action.

However, the 3D touch works only in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s plus as no other iOS devices have sensors to support the 3D touch. Hence only the generation 6 users will be able to avail this feature.

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