5 Indispensable Ways to Increase Business Networking

Networking can prove to be a great way to improve the career prospects. Networking goes hand in hand with running a successful business. Contacting the right people at the right time can help you to take the business at new heights. Having a powerful network can be helpful to tap more opportunities and can widen the door of success.  It also helps in gaining experience and knowledge from others in the network. Business networking helps in connecting the people who develop the relationship of trust amongst each other and can be useful to strengthen the business.

Here, we have discussed 5 indispensable ways to increase business networking:

1.     Exchange business cards

Business cards have been in use for networking since a long time and indeed are very effective mode to exchange the information. Business cards can be used by all the business as they are cheap and affordable. They are very convenient to use as they have no downtime or outages. For more exposure business card can be shared at the public places like supermarkets, beauty shops and libraries. They help in developing the trust and positive impression.

exchange the business cards

2.     Engage in social media networking

Social media has become the part and parcel of everyday life and businesses are no longer an exception. These days it has become very crucial for the companies to be active across various social media platforms. Social media networking has immense potential as it helps to reach the potential customers as well as others interested in your business. It is one of the best ways to connect with the mass. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are gaining popularity these days and are used by mass. Businesses should also remain active on professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

social networking

3.     Attend events

The best way to build the network is to be visible. Companies should try to attend business conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other similar social gatherings. Try to meet maximum people during such events and mingle around with them as the best of networking comes from genuine relationships. Try to make friends and not contacts as quality is always superior over quantity. One shouldn’t restrict at attending industry events only but should also participate in casual events.

business event planning

4.     Follow-up

Follow up is the most crucial task that needs to be done for creating a strong network. Generally, people make the mistake of not contacting the newly built connection. It is very crucial to follow up in a short time span as a lost contact is equal to a lost opportunity. Drop an email or letter to all the new contacts and also add them on social networking platforms. Try to be in contact with the new connection because networking begins as conversation begins.

follow up

5.     Be helpful

Networking isn’t only about your benefits it is about mutual gains. Be helpful to the people of your network which will help you to be stronger. Share your expertise, ideas and knowledge with others and help them to be stronger. Try to help and connect people who can be useful to each other. It will help you to bring a strong network and there are fair chances that people will return their favor and be helpful to you.  In order to get maximum benefit try to make sustainable connections that can last longer.

be helpful


Networking has immense potential to expand the business. There are various ways of networking but in order to get optimum results one should admire the old ways as well as embrace the new ways of networking. One should always keep in mind that networking is a two way street. One cannot always be at the receiving end; it’s as important to give as it is to receive.

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