5 Best Penny Stock Apps for 2016

The trading world has experienced a tremendous amount of change recently. That which once required a ton of expertise and experience, can be done today as a part-time job. This is obviously possible owing to the Internet.

5 Best Penny Stock App for 2016

The development of the online world has given us a ton of benefits, not sparing even the professional world. Trading can now seamlessly be done from the confines of one’s own home, using platforms such as Forex, Binary Options or Penny Stocks.

Although it usually means trading in cheap stocks, this doesn’t go to say that these are worth a mere penny and many have decided to sail into the seas of the last mentioned category. The web, however, has provided a plethora of benefits for the smartphone, utilizing apps, and penny stocks are no exception.

What follows are some of the top trading apps for this platform.

1. TD Ameritrade Mobile

This one allows access and control for your account, regardless of where you find yourself at. Essentials such as streaming quotes, equity and options trading, fund transfers, real-time balances and positions, news and research are all available on your device.

TD Ameritrade employs a 24/7 customer service, progressive trade platforms, with the addition of real-time quotes. The downside, however, lies in the fact that it’s quite expensive, charging flat rates amounting to as much as $9.99 per trade, with additional $.75 per contract.

2. Stock Twits

This app connects investors from every world’s corner, who want to profit on the Wall Street. Stock Twits gives its users a unique opportunity to gather ideas from their peers, all in real time.

High quality view charts, videos, as well as market news are all included. This app offers quick insight, updates and analysis from a great number of real investors and traders, for your convenience.

3. iSwim

iSwim app allows stock, options, currency and future trading, while monitoring the market and simulating trades. Other tweaking options are available, such as trading customization, by means of the advanced order editor, tracking and editing pending orders, position managing, viewing risk and performance metrics, even the ability of live audio streaming is available.

4. Bloomberg Business

This quick app is quite unforgiving, even at the very beginning. However, this is what makes it more convenient for using it as a professional.

Furthermore, Bloomberg has made sure that you end up heftily rewarded, both financially, as well as intellectually. Should you come up with innovative, creative ideas and push through the limits of your role, the achievements that await are almost virtually limitless.

This app is, in fact, so useful and popular that even Tim Sykes uses it. The only downside here is laid out in the fact that it isn’t quite beginner-friendly, seeing as how its learning curve is quite steep.

5. Stock Wars

If you’re looking for some practice, this app will be perfect for you. By means of Stock Wars, you can test out new strategies before actually applying them to the real-time market.

It is basically a trading simulator, useful for the newbies and those seasoned alike, since it can be viewed as a practice app, as well as a simulator. The best part here is the fact that an environment is created, which is as close to the real life trading experience as humanly possible. Additionally, this app offers real-time urgency.

If you are looking for apps which are perfect tools for you as a practicing, or an aspiring trader, you should look into at least some of these mentioned. Recommended by many experts, whichever one of these you opt for trying, you certainly won’t regret it.

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